The ‘Expiration Date’ Lie



Expiration dates on many foods are on the
product to help prevent consumers from getting sick eating an old
product; however, there are several foods that actually lie about their
expiration date. ~ Lee Flynn

Many individuals throw away perfectly good food because
the expiration date has come and gone. Listed below are seven different
foods in the grocery store that truly lie about their expiration date.


Eggs are one of the most common items
thrown away in a household due to expiration date. The expiration date
on eggs is actually on the carton of eggs to help prevent retailers keep
older and newer products organized. In some countries, eggs are not
even placed in the refrigerator.

Eggs that are refrigerated can
typically last up to five weeks past the expiration date on the carton.
Eggs are the perfect addition to any meal throughout the day because
they are chock full of protein, and approximately only 70 calories
per egg.

If in doubt about whether an egg is still good, place it in a
glass full of water and if the egg floats, the egg is still perfectly
fine to eat even past expiration.


Honey is a food that many enjoy but are
skittish about not throwing away when it becomes crystalized. If honey
becomes crystalized, all one has to do is heat the product to boiling
and the crystallization will instantly disappear.

Honey can be safely
consumed several years past the expiration date. Local honey is a good
source of nutritional value for allergy sufferers and is good to have on
hand to help prevent future allergic reactions.

Boxed Cereal

Many boxed cereal products only have a
“best by” date printed on the box. The typical shelf life of boxed
cereal products is upwards to two years from the time of buying the
item, and can last up to four months after the printed ate on the box as
long as the bag is closely folded down and kept out of direct heat.

Boxed cereal often has incredible nutritional value including fiber and
protein and is a good emergency food to have on hand because it can be a healthier meal replacement option if other food is not available.

Dried Soups

Freeze dried soups are a perfect meal
alternative for individuals who are wishing to have a quick meal, or who
are not feeling well. Dried soups can safely be consumed up to a year
after their expiration date as long as the product remains unopened.

These types of soup pack all the nutritional value of a traditional bowl
of soup into a freeze dried state that can be quickly prepared.

Hard Cheese

Cheeses such as cheddar and Monterrey
Jack are a household favorite for many families and are a product that
can easily outlast their expiration date. These types of cheeses can
safely be consumed up to 8 months
past their expiration date.

Cheese adds nutritional value such as
calcium, phosphorus and protein to a diet. A good rule to follow in
deciding whether cheese is bad or not is if the product has an off
smell, or it has any signs of mold, it is time to throw the product

The expiration date on foods is on the
package for a reason; however, if individuals are properly educated on
which products are safe to be consumed past the expiration date, it can
prevent throwing away good food. Many foods get prematurely thrown away
due to the fact that the consumer is unaware the product is still good
and safe to consume.


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