The World Order controls the citizens of the United States through the tax exempt foundations. These foundations create and implement government policy through their staff members in key positions in the executive, legislative and judiciary departments.

The foundations create educational policy through their staff members in key positions at every level of the educational system. The foundations control religious doctrine through their staff members in key positions in the leading religious denominations.

“Foundation” is a misleading term; Webster calls it an endowment, but a foundation is really a trust, which Roget states is a “syndicate”. If, instead of Rockefeller Foundation, we were to say Rockefeller Syndicate, we would be much closer to the truth.


The same modus operandi used (so successfully in the US Europe and parts of Asia is being used here too

All the terms like Liberal ,Right wing , they throw at each  in India are meaningless fluff  The Lutyens crowd is basically divided into the globalist shills and the wannabees There are politicians and bureaucrats and military officers who are not part of the globalist flimflam but are probably blissfully unaware of the globalist string pullers Would advise them to start becoming aware by reading

When Victims Rule  and THE WORLD ORDER A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins

These peachy Think tank and Foundation creatures are members of MULTIPLE  Foundations , Think Tanks or as Mullins puts it Syndicates

Many come from well connected families  with  relatives who themselves may be NWO shills

Like for example Mani Shankar Aiyar’s daughter Yamini Aiyar  an MSc in Development Science from London School of Economics.Currently, a Senior Research Fellow at CPR, Yamini Aiyar has worked with the World Bank and the Ford Foundation in the past

Theres also C. Uday Bhaskar father of Swara Bhaskar Daddy Bhaskar is a “conservative” Think Tanker and beti Swara is “liberal” actress

Another even more dangerous pair of father daughter foundationistas , Kavita Ramdas and her father Adm L Ramdas who was one of the founding members of AAP Adm Ramdas”s wife and Kavita Ramdas’s mother  Lalita Ramdas (née Katari),  served as the chair of Greenpeace International

Kavita Ramdas has her fingers in every major NWO group you can imagine She is  the Director  at the Open Society Foundations ,Strategy Advisor for MADRE, , founded KNR Sisters.From  2012 to 2015 she led the Ford Foundation’s operations in South Asia and then was Senior Advisor to Darren Walker, Ford Foundation President. She is a member of Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellows Program. Kavita has served on numerous boards including Princeton University, Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Ploughshares Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Ramdas is a former member of the Global Advisory Panel to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ramon Magsaysay a Filipino politician in whose honor the award is given is generally believed to have been one of the CIA’s best Filipino assets

Another important Aspen Alumni Karti Chidambaram P Chidambaram’s son

The Aspen Global Leadership Network is a worldwide community of entrepreneurial leaders committed to making the world a better place.The India Leadership Initiative (ILI) is developing a new generation of values-based action-oriented leaders to serve India.Today, the Aspen Global Leadership Network numbers more than 2,700 fellows in 60 countries and continues to grow. The network connects fellows online as well as at regular events including its flagship event—the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, an annual gathering that brings together Aspen Global Leadership Network fellows and other leaders from Aspen Institute programs and partners

The Resnicks are a perfect example of Talmudic farming  having bought massive tracts of desert land land dirt cheap then (mis)used billions of liters of water to irrigate it ( see Dem Sell-out Dianne Feinstein Attempts End-Run to Hand California Water to Billionaire Farmers using cheap Punjabi and Mexican labour to work in their “farms”, and whose “business model” is dependent on being able to peddle their funky American almonds and pistachio (badam in Hindi) globally over the much cheaper Iranian nuts see Oligarch Valley: How Beverly Hills billionaire farmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick profit from the Iran sanctions they lobbied for

Which might also explain Donnie boys obsession with bringing back sanctions against Iran

Now just look back at this article (originally published in Upstart magazine where Lady Lynn Rothschild was interviewed about her plans for India )

L.G.: And how did you hit upon the export of fresh fruits and vegetables? I’ve looked at your history. I don’t see any of that in your history unless you have a mean kitchen garden in the country.

Lynn Rothschild Laughs.] Well Evelyn was the closest that we got to agriculture. He’s a gentleman farmer in England,…………….So what is the next opportunity? What’s next, what’s needed, and what’s big? ………And from different sources, consultants, businesspeople, we would be given this series of facts about the agricultural sector-that 40 percent of all produce in India goes to waste That China has 60 percent of the arable land of India, but it’s 40 percent more productive because of technology. That India is the largest producer of fruits, No. 1 in the world, No. 2 in vegetables, and has only 1 percent of the export market. And if the retail sector isn’t ready to buy higher-quality fruit and vegetables, which I always thought they would be-but three years ago, it was less obvious than now-You could export them and be the lowest-cost exporter

But first traditional Indian agriculture needs to be destroyed …….and that process is whether by design or by chance is going on swimmingly well

As the 2014 Annual Report shows four families have paid 5 million dollars or more to the Institute the Crown’s the , Pritzker’s , the Resnick’s and the Rubinstein’s all four are Jewish The Crowns and Pritzkers both have links to the Jewish Mob and both are tied to and have funded Obama Both are also hardcore Zionists The Crowns own General Dynamics  see General Dynamics the largest Zionist Jewish Arms manufacturer in the world and the Pritzkers  Hyatt hotel chain,  the Superior Bank of Chicago, and the Royal Caribbean cruise line See 3 Troubling Things To Know About Billionaire Penny Pritzker

Here’s an example of how the 333 million dollar rich Aspen Institute has managed to have bureaucrats linked to Aspen Institute in the Indian PMOs office since 2012

Since 2012 the Indian PMO (Prime Ministers Office) has had PSO (Personal Secretary) who have been linked to the Aspen Institute 

Manmohan Singh’s personal Secretary since 2012 has been Vikram Misri Misri was a”Second Wave Alumni of the India Leadership Initiative” of Aspen Institute  After  Modi took over Sanjeev Kumar Singhla became the PMs Personal Secretary He is the husband of another Aspen Institute “Leadership Initiative Fifth Wave” member

And here are the American Jewish Committees Project Interchange wonders

Happy threesome on the way to a :security conference: in Tel Aviv  (sponsored by Project Interchange) where the chances of honey traps are pretty high Jaidee[ Shergil. Manish Tewari and Shaurya Doval son of Ajit Doval Indias NSA

Thats Jitin Ptasad the Congress Party’s Brahmin face of UP who also happens to be a 2016 Project Interchange alumni


Each Eisenhower Fellow receives an individualized five to seven week program of consultations with experts and senior officials in government, industry, academia, the arts and the not-for profit sector. The Global Program brings 20 – 25 Fellows from countries around the world in all sectors to the U.S. each spring. Each fall a Single Nation, Single Region or Common Interest Program brings to the U.S. a similar number of Fellows.

Shaurya focused his fellowship on exploring public policy development in the U.S., particularly as it relates to perceptions about India, its economy, and the opportunities that it offers. He also focused on how U.S. think tanks are structured and operated, and how they effectively contribute to the shaping of U.S. policy and public opinion

American Jewish committee guests in Israel Manish Tewari , Jaiveer Shergill , Aarti Tikoo , Abhijit Iyer Mitra , Sushant Sareen, Rupa Subramanya

Manish Tewari “launching” Rahul Gandhi into the Think Tank magic circle

Manish Tewari’s lunch for Atlantic Council Pres Fred Kempe.Rahul Gandhi,POL leaders, Editors,Ambassadors , Former Defence Chief’s attended.

Jaiveer Shergill (wonder if hes related o the Hungarian Jewess Amrita Sherfill) graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law alumni of Project Interchange is also alumni  of the Munich Young Leaders (MYL) programme of the Körber Foundation

The Munich Security Conference and Körber Foundation want to give promising young professionals and future decision-makers the opportunity to participate in important political debates, introduce fresh ideas on the international scene, and strengthen their personal and professional networks. To further this goal, the MSC and the Körber Foundation have since 2009 annually organized the Munich Young Leaders (MYL) programme, bringing together young leaders in the fields of foreign and security policy.

Shergill at the Munich Security Conference 2018

Shergill with his National flag


Its strange how someone with a Masters in History morphs into a “security analyst” Sareen made it to a Wikileaks document not in his capacity as a “defense anal yst” but as Sushant Sareen, Editor of Public Opinion Trends Analyses and officer of the South Asia Free Media Association

Iyer Mitra the pompous pedantic poof is a member of multiple foundations too

No idea what Rupa Subramanian aka Mrs Vivek Dehejia role is other then mindless blathering on twitter

Professor Harsh V Pant is Director, ORF . He holds a joint appointment with the Department of Defence Studies and King’s India Institute as Professor of International Relations. He is also a Non-Resident Fellow with the Wadhwani Chair in US-India Policy Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC. and an Emerging Leaders Fellow at the Australia-India Institute, University of Melbourne. Professor Pant’s  . Pant writes regularly for Japan Times, the Wall Street Journal, the National (UAE), the Hindustan Times, and the Telegraph

Indrajit Hazra is a journalist . Working freelance after 13 years with Hindustan Times, he writes on politics and culture. He writes ‘Under the Influence’, a column on music, for Rolling Stone India. His latest book is Grand Delusions: A Short Biography of Kolkata.

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