The Globalist Nuclear Threat of September 2017 and the Fate of Donald Trump (continued 1)

I was planning to write this article tomorrow, but now it can’t wait. Get a load of this sh*t…


So Martin Armstrong has a “war model” to explain why September 11/12 are dangerous days, eh? Bullsh*t! This is exactly the kind of crap I’ve been talking about in the previous entry: globalist mouthpieces using “human behavioral patterns” to explain an event so the globalists’ hand in, and motive for, the event is hidden from view.

September 11/12 are dangerous days because the big UN event starts on September 12, and a North Korean nuclear test, which would likely be scheduled on September 7, 11, or 12, would rocket North Korea to the top of the agenda and start the confrontation snowball rolling down the hill towards a simultaneous “North Korean” sneak attack on New York and Washington.

The Infowars article makes no mention of the UN meeting, or of the fact that Hurricane Harvey will likely result in the US Congress being in debate on the debt ceiling at the same time the UN is having its big meeting, thus presenting the perfect opportunity to take down both the UN and US on the same day. Such a simultaneous strike would take out Trump, take out the UN, and take out the US Congress, thus setting a US debt default in motion. It would be an instant sh*tstorm of epic proportions.

I will be writing in detail about this in the coming hours/days, but I’ll tell you this key point now…

WATCH WHAT CHINA DOES AFTER THE NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR TEST: If they cut off North Korea’s oil, or if they state the intention of discussing the cutoff of North Korea’s oil at the UN meeting, the day Xi goes to the UN will be the day of the attack. According to the globalist script, the North Koreans will want to strike on the day that both Xi and Trump are at the UN. So follow Xi, because “X” marks the temporal spot for the sneak attack.

Also, watch for the yield of the nuclear test to be 50 kilotons or more. This would allow the propaganda machine to argue it was an H-bomb (fusion) explosion, thus sending everyone into a hissy fit.

~ continued 1 ~

Before I go into the sequence of events that would lead to the attack, you might want to know why I’ve been so insistent on warning about this scenario. There are two reasons…

Reason 1) A dual nuclear strike on New York and Washington would reliably and rapidly advance key elements of the globalist agenda. The globalists are at least a year behind on their NWO implementation schedule, so a nuclear strike would allow them to start catching up:

> It would allow them to do their scripted removal of Trump in one day instead of waiting months for an impeachment or 25th amendment removal procedure to unfold. And moving Pence (or Paul Ryan) into the presidency next month would allow them to quickly begin the escalation towards the planned US vs. Russia showdown in Syria.

> It would allow them to remove China’s Xi in one day. I’ve been writing about the reasons they will replace Xi since Update 1.

> It would allow them to clean out the US Congress and the Washington bureaucrats in one day. Their default plan for the cleanout involves encircling Washington with military forces loyal to the “progressive deep state,” mass arresting all the “neocon-neolib deep state” officials, and putting them through an “American Nuremberg” show trial. All that would take months to accomplish. But in a post-attack scenario, they’d need only arrest the few survivors when the time for the counter-coup comes (the time would come after the “neocons-neolibs” seize dictatorial power in the US under a “continuity of government” scenario and lead us to the precipice of full-on nuclear war with Russia).

> It would send the world economy into a deep crisis in one day.

And on top of all this, a dual nuclear strike will allow the globalists to gain overwhelming public support for their transition plans. Once they reveal that the supposed “neocon-neolib deep state” helped the North Koreans get through our defenses to stage the attack, the public will line up solidly behind the “progressive deep state” and the NWO changes they’ll bring to America.

Reason 2) It is the outcome to which the preparatory propaganda is pointing.

More to come…

By the way, I’ve found a picture of Martin Armstrong’s “war model”…

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