The Great Awakening, Coronavirus Breakdown and Spiritual Breakthrough

By Steve Robertson, Founder of,, and

One day an astute parent, upon her genius child returning home from school reframed from normally asking them “if they had made good grades” and instead wisely asked,  “Did you ask good questions?”  Respectively, in regards to my good questions, at this important time in history, I ask the following: “Is the coronavirus and the global reaction to it offering humanity the opportunity to have a psychological breakdown in order for us and our world to have a spiritual breakthrough?  And, my second and related follow up question is this; “If this opportunity is occurring, will changemakers around our world have the courage to unite and help accelerate the potential for such a Great Awakening?

We are in, without a doubt, one of the most significant times in our planet’s history.  I believe humanity is being presented with a unique opportunity to rid itself of what no longer serves us individually and collectively, in essence, if you will, an opportunity to be born again.

For over 30 years of my life, I have been intuitively and logistically working on esoteric and practical solutions, unbeknownst to me,  for what could be a global reset in consciousness, now at hand.   I have invested literally everything I owned, spent/risked it all, and followed my heart, mind, and spiritual guidance since childhood to bring us to and prepare us for an opportunity of such a Global Awakening.

I thank you in advance for your gracious reading of my story and for your careful consideration in choosing to discover, remember, and live your unique life purpose towards collectively creating a more loving and peaceful world that works for us all, one that reverently honors all living creatures, and our mother earth.  Here are the spiritual leaps of faith I’ve taken to humbly help humanity prepare for and experience such a Great Awakening in Collective Consciousness:

I was born in Inglewood, CA and then a few years later at about the age of seven, I would move to Friendswood, Texas, not far away from Clearlake City, home of NASA.  My father who grew up dirt poor in Louisiana was very smart, worked hard and won a full scholarship to a nearby University.  He became a nuclear physicist, worked for Huges Aircraft and then became an aerospace engineer who worked for TRW.   Once there he would work on the space program to place the first astronauts on the moon.  I grew up playing midget league football with Andy Aldrin, Buzz Aldrin’s son.  My father would go on to run the aerospace program for TRW in Cape Canaveral, then run a Billion plus dollar division, and eventually retire as one of the company’s Vice Presidents.

During our time in Friendswood, a Quaker established city, I had a very unique experience as a young boy of age eight. One day during elementary school recess, I was playing football.  On one particular play, I was running with the ball and no one could tackle me.   As I crossed the goal-line, I had a distinct experience of feeling invincible.  At this same time, all sound and time stopped and I saw everything 360 degrees from above, below, and around me simultaneously.  It was an experience likened to that in the film The Matrix.

I had no fear at this moment nor did I feel perplexed by the experience, which seemed to go on like a movie, and yet then go away, instantly. I had no words to describe the experience. It felt like, what I would now call, a Divine message just for me.   There were no audible words that accompanied this message only a strong and unmistakable sense that I had been assigned a mission to help, somehow, bring peace to our world.

Accompanying this feeling of invincibility and this inner message, I seemed to be instantaneously transported miles above the earth to find myself now looking and zooming downwardly towards, like a parachutist, what I now know to be the center of Manger Square Bethlehem, Palestine, the noted birthplace of Jesus/Yeshua.   I didn’t know what to think about this nor did I have any sort of geographical reference point to even know where this place was.  As this aerial image came closer and closer into view, the experience went away.  I went on to finish our football game and I gave no further thought to the experience again. Instinctively, I knew not to speak to anyone about it.

Years later and right after high school, I had a short three-year career as a professional motorcycle/motocross racer.  I went on to college and got my degree in Business Administration.  Flash forward to age 28, I am a sales engineer selling multi-million dollar industrial process control computers that automated refineries and municipal water/wastewater plants.  After losing everything of great importance to me, my job and my girlfriend, I was lost and found myself constantly praying to be shown my life mission work.

One day while in meditation a loud voice in the room said “Music”.  I was a bit baffled by this and began searching my mind for answers.  Music, I reflected, I’m not a musician what about music?   While in college, I then recalled, I had been a DJ at the school’s radio station. I was a walking audio file on all inspiring types of music, positive Rock Music, Electronic Space and/or New Age music.  I just lived for this uplifting music, which few seemed to know much about.   Ok, I then thought, now I’ve got part of the answer about music.  Next, I thought, what would I most love to do regarding this music I so loved? The answer came was almost immediate, “bring this special music that I felt and knew created inner peace to our world.”  Once now knowing this, I committed to the Holy Spirit/God that I would thereafter do any and all things, and even against all odds, to fulfill my life mission work.

Shortly thereafter this experience and while living in Houston, TX I would, through a close friend who had a New Age radio program on Pacifica,  drive to Dallas to experience the music and meet backstage with the famed Japanese New Age artist Kitaro (during his first North American tour for his album “Light of the Spirit”) and I would also meet with his manager, still a friend to date, and famed band members.

Not long thereafter, I would take another job in the process control company with Johnson Controls in Carrollton/Dallas, TX.  I would move there and not long thereafter meet and have dinner with Yanni just after his second album release, “Out of Silence”.  I would then travel and meet with Peter Bauman (Tangerine Dream band member/founder of Private Music, Yanni’s record label), Anne Robinson (co-founder of Windham Hill Records), Jon Anderson the lead singer of the legendary rock group “Yes” and most of the major New Age artists.  I would go on to form the Humanity Federation, which later morphed into and now presently called™.

Over the next years to come, I would continue to work as a Fortune 500 sales executive (Industrial process control computers and Health Insurance positions) and win national sales awards.   I would also spend every single thing I made and saved on my life mission work….I lived well, always put my money where my mouth was, lived pennilessly, slept on friends couches, slept in my car,  ate free bread at a local coffee shop, I was homeless from time to time…and then bounce back, lived well, and do it all over again. I have fulfilled my promise and will continue to do so.

During this early part of my spiritual initiation, as I’ll call it, and over an eleven-year period of time, I would begin the process of writing a position paper on the effects of music on consciousness in order to better understand myself and explain to the pioneering doctors and thought-leaders in the holistic medical movement (who I was connecting with of the time) like Bernie Siegel, M.D. (Love, Medicine, and Miracles), Dean Ornish, M.D. (Reversing Heart Disease), Larry Dossey, M.D. (Time, Space and Medicine) who were all noting important research that correlated negative thoughts and behavior to the root cause of DIS-EASE(s) …and leading scientists like Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist Brian Josephson, Ph.D…. about what I was understanding about the power of sacred music to shift thought patterns, promote inner healing, and thus co-create in a more harmonious world.  These quotes were very instrumental in sparking my quest to understand the profound meaning and importance of music:

“If one desires to know whether a kingdom is well governed or not, the quality of the music will furnish the answer” – Confucius

“Music is the shorthand of emotions” – Tolstoy

“People say that the soul, on hearing the song of creation, entered the body, but in reality, the soul itself was the song.“ 14th Century Sufi poet Hafiz

“Music should be healing, music should uplift the soul, music should inspire; then there is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection, than music, if only it is rightly understood.” – The great Sufi Hazrat Inayat Kahn (1882-1927), author of the book “The Mysticism of Sound and Music” proclaimed by many as the Bible of Music.

In essence, and the short version this paper, as here to follow, forms the foundation by which all of my efforts to date have been based, and by which all of our EP7 Musical ambassadors, Steering / Advisory board of members are enrolled and committed:

I believe there are certain musicians, because of their spiritual practice and devotion, can tune into what Pythagoras (the Father of Mathematics) would call “The Music of the Spheres”.  This is a series of frequencies and harmonics that would be analogous to what the industrial psychologist Abraham Maslow would call a state of Self-Actualization or what certain spiritual teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda, author of “Autobiography of a Yogi” would call a state of Self-Realization…in other words, these are frequencies/states of awareness that would be analogous to thoughts of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, peace and so on… higher orders of thinking that move consciousness from a linear and dualistic right/wrong good/bad view of the world into more of a holographic perspective of seeing/understanding how everything is lovingly and divinely interconnected.  

I believe that the soul, of each person, already operates on this foundational frequency of the Music of the Spheres, OM, Amen, Buddha, Krishna, Christ consciousness, whatever you wish to call this … semantically, as I believe, all the same.  Therefore, when someone experiences this type of music, physiologically through the ear and intuitively through the psyche, it’s like two computers talking the same protocol (or it is like what happens when two tuning forks are in near proximity to one another), the law of sympathetic vibration dictates the consciousness of the listener will have to resonate accordingly.  

Therefore, the idea behind EvolvingPlanet7/ProjectPeaceOnEarth is this, if we broadcast a series of globally telecast musical prayers for peace, where every single note, lyric, and composition is curated from the perspective of giving each person a visceral goosebumps experience of their own innate divinity, and these concerts originate from our world’s most sacred sites… places like Machu-Picchu, Chichen Itza,  Uluru/Ayers Rock, Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Mount Shasta…etc…places that have been deemed to be sacred and/or not built there by coincidence (because they are energy vortexes, acupuncture points, amplifier grids on our planet),  and if we can reach several hundred million to a billion or more people through these televised concerts (as I/we can do this with the team already in place), then I believe it is possible to, as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake would characterize this as to shift the “Morphogenetic Field”, Shift Collective Consciousness, or as Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point) would say create a”Tipping point in consciousness”, and/or establish what could also be termed “the Hundredth Monkey Effect”, …in essence we can create and usher in is The Great Awakening in Collective Consciousness.

Now flashing forward some twenty years later and after overcoming every trial and tribulation possible, ones that had repeatedly prompted me to want to throw the towel on everything,  I/we would produce, in September of 2010 an initiative entitled “Visions of Peace” to deliver 40 free cataract surgeries to elderly Palestinian people in Hebron over a two-day period of time.

Next, in November of 2011, I/we would produce a live aerial image initiative entitle “LOVE ALL” to promote our first worldwide concert from Bethlehem a month later on Christmas day 2011.  The U.N. would, near a year later, designate this photo as one of the 49th most iconic images in the history of the organization out of some 800,000 images.

One month thereafter, I/we would finally produce my/our first worldwide LOVE ALL concert of sacred music from Bethlehem on Christmas Day of 2011 out to some 80 million homes.

The following day, in celebration of our accomplishment we took all the participating musicians on a tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.   Across from the Tomb of Jesus was a room with a geographical landmark, the center of the earth.  A place deemed to be equidistant to all holy/sacred sites at that time.  Here is the photo that was taken of me there. You’ll undoubtedly note some interesting anomalies taken from the camera with a completely clean lens.

Now, flashing forward to Bethlehem in 2012.  I/we had planned to bring both Palestinians and Israelis to both and opposite sides of the dividing wall to create a huge peace symbol that each side would form and that we would then aerially photograph.

We had prior done, the year prior before our first concert from Bethlehem, the famed Picasso Peace Dove image and the words “Love All” at the base of the Mount of Temptation in Jericho made of some 1000 Palestinian refugee children.

The politics of this new initiative in Bethlehem were ultimately becoming so tremendously intense that we were forced by the city’s mayor, Vera Baboun (the first female mayor in the city’s history) to go to a plan B … a peace symbol image in the center of Manger Square.  This image would be made of Palestinian boy and girl scouts with other children making a large peace symbol and then spelling the word “Love All”.  So, on December 24, 2012, Christmas Eve, we did just that.

To create the large peace symbol, we would cordon off the area and then take a long line of string from the center of the circle and walk out a circle with a piece of chalk.   It so happened that I was at the center of the peace symbol circle holding the string in place.  And while in the process of creating the chalk circle I was moved to look to upwards to the sky.  There and at this moment I saw the very place I had been shown as a young boy of 8 on the football field… freefalling from the sky towards the center of Manger Square.

I/we would also, simultaneously, produce the FREE ALL concert from Bethlehem that featured many famed musicians.  On new years eve of this same year, 2012, and a few days after our Love All image in Manger Square, I/we would produce the FREE ALL concert message from Bethlehem Palestine.  Please watch the video below:

Then, one new year’s eve of this same year, 2012, I/we would also produce the FREE ALL aerial image from Bethlehem’s dividing wall that was the original road into the city, now under Israeli control.   Here, we brought 200 or more Palestinian Boy and Girl scouts to the wall and had them put the paint-covered hands on the wall to create a visual plea to bring the wall down, while the rest of the group formed the words Free All.

On Christmas Day 2013,  I/we would produce the FORGIVE ALL concert message, for and from Bethlehem Palestine.  Please click the image and watch the short video just below:

In November of 2014,  I/we would produce the 2 UNITE ALL star-studded album message for Middle East and World Peace with Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Phillip Lawrence (Bruno Mars) and many more amazing musicians.  Please watch the short video below and learn about the Love All Love Win UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) campaign we also helped to co-create out in GAZA.

Respectfully, you’ll kindly note I/we were guided by Divine and Holy Spirit to deliver to these messages to humanity:



EvolvingPlanet7™ (EP7),  a 501c3 in pending status (IRS EIN #84-2801211), is a global initiative that represents a series of globally televised (Live-Aid like) concerts, awareness, fundraising initiatives that feature many of our world’s top mindfully conscious Grammy-winning Musicians, Concert, TV and Film Producers, and Spiritual/Intellectual Thought-leaders who are presently part of the EP7 production team and initiative.

In essence, EP7 serves as a series of 7 global campaigns and 7 annual reports that inform humanity about our collective existence and then raise funds to implement solutions for each of the issues of greatest concern.  The goal of the Ep7 initiatives is to impact 7 generations ahead.

All proceeds raised from the EP7 televised concerts will fund existing/pre-vetted Not-For-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and/or Humanitarian Organizations who are already working within these 7 areas of concern.  Our philosophy is to make the wheel rounder rather than recreate it.   

Beyond the initial and each annual global “Live-Aid” like concert a series of Interactive/Immersive/Edutainment Dome shows (sacred electronic sweat lodges – Cirque meets River Dance meets Pink Floyd meets Edutainment) will follow and serve to re-enforce the global concert messages and pragmatically enroll/engage the public as participating stakeholders in a world of good.

Reality TV shows will serve to further re-enforce the EP7 campaign by providing complete transparency on how all raised funds/donations are used by the selected/supported humanitarian agencies to better our world. 

After the first year of the EP7 campaign and each respective year thereafter, the initiative will circle back on itself to report back to humanity what has been accomplished and then what the campaign will now focus on and accomplish next. 

The key 7 issues impacting humanity and our environment are:

1) Clean Air, Water, and Healthy Food

2) End Hunger, Poverty, Human Trafficking, and Support Veteran PTSD recovery

3) Cure Preventable Diseases and Eliminate Waste Products

4) Human Rights for All (Universal Declaration of Human Rights/UDHR) and Eliminate Weapons of Mass Destruction

5) Ecological Protection and Climate Change

6) Reverent Care of All Living Creatures

7) Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sources, Equitable Financial/Monetary Systems


Thank you for your most gracious time, review and consideration of what has been produced to date and what is now being proposed.  Thank you for your potential interest in joining this group of ever-expanding and committed changemakers.

If the time is now then when?  If the changemaker is not you, then who?

THE TIME IS NOW FOR US ALL TO BE THE CHANGE.  Let us each help and serve to create a world that loving works for all, one that reverently honors all living creatures, and our mother earth.

To find out more about more our plans and the team already in place and in motion, or to inquire about how you can support these efforts with your skills, talents, and resources please email directly:  [email protected] 

With love and appreciation,

Steve Robertson


EMAIL: [email protected]

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Patañjali, the compiler of the Yoga Sutras (Sanskrit: 150 BCE)

P.S. Please find a free copy of my book “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” in the link just below along with additional resources to assist you on your journey to Be the Change.

Coronavirus, Spiritual Resources for Empowered Inner Peace, Healing and Abundance

National Best Selling Authors proclaim: 

Steve’s book, “The Power of Choice, Success and Your Life Purpose” is … “A TEXTBOOK for the Soul” – Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (National Best-Selling author of “Anatomy of the Spirit”)

“Robertson is a Living Avatar on whose shining example our future may depend.” – Larry Dossey, MD (National Best Selling Author of “One Mind” and “The Power of Prayer”.

Steve book uses…”beautiful metaphors and analogies that lead in every instance to awareness, self-responsibility, and our Divinity” – Gary Zukav (National Best Selling author of “Seat of the Soul”)

Steve’s book is …”required reading for anyone who has longed to find and fulfill their life purpose.” – Don Miguel Ruiz, MD (National Bestselling author of “The Four Agreements”)

Steve’s book…”can empower you and help you bring your gifts to the world.” – Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. (National Best Selling Author of “A Path With Heart”)

Steve’s book offers …”rich and spiritually authentic insights into the meaning of life and how to find and live your life purpose.” – Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky, M.D. and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. (National Best Selling Authors, Pioneers in the Human Potential Movement)

Steve’s book is …”a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and spiritual guidance.” – Alexander Astin, Ph.D. (Considered the world’s most widely quoted person on Higher Education. Co-founder of UCLA Higher Education Research Institute. Best Selling Author of “Cultivating the Spirit”.)

Steve’s book…” looks at all of us in the eye and asks us to awaken to our own power and force.”  Jack Healey, former Executive Director of Amnesty International. Former Franciscan Monk.
If you are so inspired and have the financial means please feel free to support my work and buy me a cup of coffee.  Thank you. 

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