The Heinous Cruelty of Women is Taking Male Lives in Spain During Lockdown

This sad news from a reader Trajano in Spain:

A friend of mine, the other day, due to confinment, hunged himself to death. I spoke to him a lot days before and he told me he could not deal with the children , he was taking a lot of pills to cope with them, and wife was witholding sex 100% since the very first day. But he found out wifey sexting by iphone with someone else. He confronted wifey about issue but she emasculated him, saying “he has a huge cock not like your useless tiny prick” and she showed cock pic from the other guy to humiliate my friend, And she threatened him with divorce, keeping the house, etc. He rang me out of despair and I told him to take it easy and maybe going to see a hooker (he lived in the suburbs and many hookers still operating over there at their own places) but it seems he could not deal with situation. He had a small company, a nice house in the suburbs, a trophy wife and two children. 49 years old. RIP.
The plague is already making this kind of victims.

This is the true nature of the modern female, cruel and barbaric towards her husband, driving him to take his own life out of despair.

Like a parasite, this type of woman sucks the lifeblood from her host (husband), drains him of his cash, his labour, his resources, and commits the ultimate betrayal by jumping on another man’s penis. When she is found out, she doubles down and attempts to hammer the nail in deeper by needling him about the size of his package, a very common tactic of malevolent, vindictive females. She threatens him with divorce-rape knowing that the Spanish system is totally rigged for her benefit, the filthy whore.

Her adulterous ways are encouraged by the state, the media, and the culture at large. Leftism and feminism implore females to cheat on their husbands, to cuck them with another man’s brood, and congratulate them if they do. In fact, feminist kook theorists even write about this in their books, which they call “dual mating strategy”.

The modern female is being trained by feminists and the Jewish system to be a soulless monster who uses men for various financial purposes and then discards him like trash when she gets bored and wants some new excitement in her pointless and meaningless life.

Women will destroy families and put their children in precarious situations just to satisfy their slut-urges to hump negroid men from sub-Sahara.

These debased whores must be stopped.

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