The Insane Asylum Called the United States-Satanism In Plain View as Satanists Dress Up Little Boys in Dresses For SEX

By infostormer -June 27, 20194

I’m just catching up on some of the things that happened during last night’s Democrat debate. There was so much stupid shit said that you could literally write a novel about it. But one of the most retarded things said during the debate was when Julian Castro said he supported abortions for trans females and that this was “reproductive justice.”

So he supports men who transition into women having abortions? How does that work exactly? These individuals are not biologically equipped to have babies even if they go through the process of having their dick cut off.

He probably misspoke and meant to say that he supported trans men having abortions. Trans men are women who transition into a man.

Of course, just by misspeaking means that he probably offended members of the transgender community. Sort of like when people call someone by their birth name after they transitioned into a different gender.

Talk about an extremely fucked up situation. How is it that we have a society where some stupid wetback midget like Castro is allowed to run for the presidency while openly advocating for the abortion rights of transgenders? Such a person would have been put in a mental institution only a short period of time ago. This type of shit is highly abnormal and the fact that it is tolerated shows what a cluster fuck of a culture we have.


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