by Alicia Frischmann

The Jews have changed the demographics of former exclusively white nations into world nations, nations without a distinct people, without a distinct culture, but a melting pot designed to assimilate the white population out of existence. The word “Melting pot” was coined by Israel Zangwill (Jew) in 1908 who created the play ‘The Melting Pot’ Which promoted his idea of a mongrelized population. If this Jewish madness continues, we Whites in our own countries will be assimilated out of existence. Wiped off the face of the earth in the interest of a mentally insane minority. The Jews kill us, enslave us, they destroy the very fabric of our spirit. Jews will continue to destroy us in every way possible until we stand up against them.

The Jews would love to wipe out the white race completely by physical means. They would love to repeat another World War 2 and cause us to slaughter our own brothers again. The Jews now have taken the slower approach by promoting race mixing in every media outlet possible. From the Hollywood movies, to ads on television. They have promoted black males as masculine, promoting the gangster rap culture, injecting into minds of white women everywhere that the black man is the ideal man for them. In comparison the white male is promoted as weak and stupid especially on the television where one sees white male bashing everyday. TV shows will often have white male homosexuals as guests, TV adverts often show white men as stupid and the women as the smarter ones. The main focus of this is to destroy the masculinity of the white male, and to masculinize the women. Jews using television against us have created a false representation of reality.

On one Jewish octopus tentacle they have latched onto the media poisoning our brains, and on another Jewish tenacle they have changed our immigration policy to assimilate our race out of existence. Jews use every method possible to destroy our civilizations and our beautiful race. One may become confused about the immigration issue if they do not understand the Jewish mind behind it. People who are wise will realize that the white populations cannot handle this influx of people, No population control, no facilities or jobs, yet we are told that millions upon millions of non-whites coming into our lands is somehow advancing the country. In reality the Jews know exactly what they are doing, it has taken them many, many years to open our immigration polices to the entire world. The Jews are very patient. Once people understand the sinister plot, they will understand why there is no population control, or why the Government doesn’t care if there is enough jobs. Because their intentions come from hatred, they plan to disrupt and destabilize and completely destroy the health of the nation.

WHITE GENOCIDE (Full Documentary)

Europa the last battle part 5



So-called “activists” see NO problem if in the next 2 or 3 decades native Whites (Ethnic Europeans) become a minority in ALL their homelands, and if later, maybe in 50-60 years they become 10% or even disappear from earth in a 100 years as an ethnicity and culture.

Why people oppose such plan if it will happen to a tribe in Tibet, or the tribes of Amazon, or tribes of Africa. I tell you why: It is because they are MARXIST, and they don’t know even. They are brainwashed by the JEWISH media & education who want us to believe that all Humans are one race, but “with different skin colors”, exactly equals and INTERCHANGEABLE.

They want us to believe that exchanging White people (Europeans Caucasians, Aryans and Slaves) by people from the 3rd world races is not a problem. As if replacing a German shepherd dog population by “Chien de Salon” dog population will preserve the identity and behavior of that population. Or if you replace a population of Arabian horses by a population of Dutch Horses, then nothing changes on the behavior & abilities such as running or intelligence of that population.

Marxists DON’T deny the existence of different races when it concerns dogs, horses or birds.


Denial means that NOTHING can stop the ongoing GENOCIDE (replacement) of White people in their own homelands! Why people don’t admit that non-Whites and mixed race people are on the way of becoming a MAJORITY in all previously-known White countries??

This century will witness the complete GENOCIDE of the European people living in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, unless people understand the IMPORTANCE OF RACE: As with animals, each race has its average of IQ (or intelligence). It doesn’t mean that there are no individuals from a population that has a lower AVERAGE of IQ, who have higher IQ than individuals who belong to a population that has higher average of IQ. You got it? We are talking about populations here, not individuals! The average of IQ of different ethnicities determines the average of development of countries. THIS IS WHY we have advanced countries that produce too much for humanity, and less advanced countries that produce less. This affects the prosperity, the security, and the quality of life in different countries.

Same applies for other aspects than intelligence. Aspects such as the biological resistance to cold / heat, the biological ability of breathing (running / physical exercises), the Musculature and the shape of bodies of different races of humans. A very important aspect is the hormonal composition in different races. Hormones determine the level of patience; some races have high hormones and tend to not be able to contain a high level of pressure or anger. This determines also the level of criminality of different races

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I wish all Whites speak the same. If they do we can avoid the biggest plan of the Jews that is called “One world Government” that requires the Genocide of the Whites and the creation of mulato new race.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your not alone in your frustrations with this. But we are up against one hell of an influential juggernaut. The influencing power of group think (look up the Asch Experiment) and manipulation of media can NOT be underestimated. They can actually use the right combination of images and words to get you to purchase a produce you know to be inferior over a preferred product, so just imagine how much this has been weaponized…Especially when trying to make sense of the mass insanity that seems to grip western nations.

    Meanwhile, most are either corralled into echo chambers, dont speak up because they think they stand alone (or fear being pounced by literal or online mobs) because censorship has them thinking they are a small minority of people when in reality, there are FAR more angry and frustrated whites sick of what is happening then you may realize. Jewish owned media gets caught in lie after lie in the news trying to frame hatred towards white people, only to have in memory holed. The white race that pays for ALL the taxes, and government services are the ONLY ONES not represented for it. This has to change. Even if we have to manually start bringing people together to change it.

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