The Laws of (Thermo) Racial Dynamics: Spiritual Utilitarianism Revisited

But if your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation.” ~ Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World (1915), chapter 4

It was not coincidence that Engels disliked The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Today many scientists have realized that this law applies to the whole cosmos and its implications indicate that no matter how hard you try, you will never avoid competing for resources and the recycling of other living creatures in order to acquire nourishment.

642642From the outset I want to make clear that I don’t advocate for a cruel society devoid of empathy. I’m aware of there being a lot of crazy people in our movement who are motivated by sadism and mental perturbations. They say they like Hitler without really knowing him and the only thing they know about him and his motives is what Jewish propaganda says, which is just a reflection of the perverted Jewish mind.

We also have to realize that even though there are a lot of crazy people in our movement, this doesn’t mean our ideology is wrong. Every young movement that struggles for dominance first attracts many crazy people, as it was the case with Christianity and Jewish Multiculturalism. We should never forget that Multiculturalism was advanced by crazy radicals with whom nobody would have wanted to be associated.

We are motivated by long-term compassion for the soul as opposed to short-term altruism, which leads to its destruction. The same way that a loving mother would deny his diabetic child a candy when he asks for one, we want to stop this planet from being dominated and enslaved by the ugliness and mediocrity of less capable races. The dominance of one race among the rest is inescapable (no matter how much we like it or not) and under these circumstances, the best we can do is to ensure that the most beautiful, creative and socially competent of races (the Aryan) takes this place.

The second law of thermodynamics basically says that chaos always increases, or in other words, no matter how much you pray or how altruistic you are, you cannot avoid destroying and recycling in order to keep alive.


collageResources are ever more limited (there’s ever more entropy) and we better use them to produce the most beautiful and talented creatures possible, instead of misusing them in a wasteful orgy of moral sentimentalism. You cannot have everything, you must take sides and have preferences (discriminate).

Needless to say, if there’s no escape from my matter and energy (maybe even my soul) being recycled, I prefer that it is in order to create greater beauty and progress (of which I will become part), not to perpetuate mediocrity and misery.

This harsh law of nature goes in direct contradiction with almost everything Christianity has ever taught (miracles, eternal peace, divine providence, a brotherhood of equality, etc.), therefore we could say that almost 200 years ago Christianity was already discredited by science.

These are not the “theories” of Thermodynamics but the “Laws” of Thermodynamics. They are well established and it would be foolish to try to refute them. To do so would be almost like trying to convince us that the moon is not really there. That’s why we never see in the Jewish media discussions of the implications, rather they are only pondered by scientists and philosophers in obscure specialized circles, away from the public light.

What Is Spiritual Utilitarianism?

k9722k9722The Jewish philosopher Spinoza introduced the world view of utilitarianism, which in broad terms means the belief that everything that produces material gain and profit is good and brings happiness. Notice that despite being the Jew the one who invented Christianity, today (when believing in it has become ever more untenable and after having already served its purpose) we are introduced to a materialistic worldview where the Jew doesn’t even pretend anymore of acknowledging the existence of the transcendental. We are simply soulless machines programmed for material mediocrity.

The progression is clear, from having a real spirituality (European Paganism) we were forced into pathological altruism clothed as religion (Christianity) and finally taken to naked Materialism without any pretensions of having a religious covering. It’s almost as if Christianity has been all the way only a preparation for the real thing, outright materialistic slavery.

Historical Ideological Progression:

  • -from- Paganism (Transcendental spirituality)
  • –to- Christianity (Abandon the struggle for beauty and get a spiritual reward later)
  • –to- Materialism (Abandon the struggle for beauty and get a material reward now)

Interpretation: The Jew wants us to abandon the difficult and courageous struggle for beauty and take the easy and sentimentalist path of mediocrity and equality (which can only be maintained through Materialism and fear of Hell).

Spiritual utilitarianism is our response to Jewish utilitarianism. While the latter concerns itself about what is materially useful? (or how do I avoid Hell through charity?) the former asks the question What is good and useful for the Transcendental and the spiritual?

For Christianity (and Jewish Utilitarianism) the maintenance of the most primitive and ugly life forms (equality) is the most laudable. Easily available material comforts for everyone and not discriminating to whom we give the limited resources of this planet (charity) is the way to heaven. Under this view, having material goods and embracing the stagnation of beauty and progress is the only source of happiness.



In contrast, for the Spiritual-Utilitarianist the most important goal is to increase Beauty and talent in this world. We realize that it requires sacrifices, courage and a constant struggle, but in the end the beauty and knowledge it produces justifies its hardships and inspire us to continue.

We also realize that Christianity was just a clever way of forcing us to follow a Materialistic and mediocre life through fear and guilt, with the false promise of being rewarded later and using a lot of religious mumbo-jumbo in order to cloud the absurdity and mendacity of its worldview.

We know better than that. We know that the willpower, beauty and knowledge we acquire in this world will continue after death and that the mediocrity, cowardice and ugliness we allow will also haunt us after death.

We know that sexuality is good and sacred whenever it increases the best elements of our race or whenever it is used to create happier interactions within our White Society. Only a diabolical force would like to put limits to the sexuality of the most beautiful race in order to reduce its numbers and make its relationships superficial (notice that the same nefarious results can be produced by promoting “free” sex with lower races in combo with obstructing white women’s role as mothers).

Hate and physical force are also sacred when they allow us to reject ugliness/mediocrity and defend our souls from them. Our Pagan ancestors were right when they held the belief that the path of initiation (spiritual awakening) begins with healthy (well channeled) Hate and dissatisfaction.

Our actions are not motivated by sentimentalist bursts of altruism, but rather by how much real beauty and talent we are producing in this world (beauty and talent that will help us in the transition to the next one). We look for tangible results, not for fantastic promises and puerile chimeras that contradict all common sense and reality.

The Significance Of The Second Law of Thermodynamics For Spiritual Utilitarianism

There’s nothing more inhumane and sadistically cruel for the soul than being surrounded by ugliness and mediocrity. In this situation all the love and altruism of the world are just the chains that keep us prisoner to this damnation.


On the other hand the most humane and compassionate thing we can do is to ensure that matter and energy in this universe are used to produce beauty, knowledge and talent.

Denmark, Danish CostumesDenmark, Danish Costumes

The laws of physics determine that either we are recycled in order to make space for ugliness and mediocrity, or we recycle ugliness and mediocrity in order to advance the Aryan race. Therefore, to offer less talented races material rewards in exchange for lowering their birthrates is analogous to offering a teenager money if he does good in school.

If we consider it moral for white people to give way to more energetic, but less talented races and to willingly make sacrifices for them (this is exactly what the Jewish media are promoting now), it should be a thousand times more moral to convince other races to give way for the Aryan and make voluntary sacrifices for us, once we regain our will to exist.

Beauty inspires progress and justifies existence. Only the path of beauty leads to greater knowledge and greater mastering of nature, until we figure out how to overcome all the laws of physics.

Little by little, inspired by beauty, through realistic, scientific means and with our own progressive efforts (not through prayers, wasted altruism or magical rewards after death), we will manage to reunite with the spiritual and reach the realms where beauty and knowledge have no bounds.

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