The March on Rome

Europe’s liberal-left coalition takes little comfort from the Austrian Green Party’s narrow win over their fervently ethnic-nationalist rivals. Contending for the largely ceremonial presidential role Norbert Hofer’s Freedom Party attracted an unprecedented 50% vote. The contest was so close that the Freedom Party may well contest the count. Only .06% divides the two parties.

The Austrian Freedom Party is not Donald Trump in lederhosen; its aims closely echo those of Austria’s pre-war National Socialists. Upbeat Campaign Manager Herbert Kickl was buoyant.

One thing is clear: there are many Norbert Hofers in the Freedom Party and we are very, very well placed for parliamentary elections whenever they come.” (Scheduled 2018 or earlier). FPO leader Heinz-Christian Strache added, “This is just the beginning.

Austria is just one of 28 EU nations awakening to the looming crisis affecting the now splintering European Union. Earlier this week over 10,000 Italians attended a colourful and robust rally in central Rome. The protest was inspired by the Italians growing frustration over government austerity measures and ineptitude over immigration that has sandal-trampled one of Europe’s oldest civilisations.

Rome revolt 2

Rome revolt 2

Addressing an audience of many thousands gathered near the Coliseum, Casapound Italia Movement’s leader Gianluca Iannone told the rally that it was in combination with similar rallies being held in many other European cities.

In an attempt to quell disquiet sweeping Europe mainstream media localises such rallies whilst censoring news of protests held simultaneously elsewhere. However, social media is kicking the media’s Iron Curtain of Deception aside. Europe is waking up, standing up and no longer putting up with betrayal by their Goldman Sachs controlled governing elite.

Rome revolt 4

Rome revolt 4

In pointed reference to the hydra-headed troika; political elite, the press and police, Gianluca Iannone said,

The march today is our response to those who want to control what we can say and do in our city.

The Casapound Italia Movement is named in honour of American poet Ezra Pound. Ahead of its time but nearly 100 years after example being set by Germany’s pre-Reich NSDAP the Italian Movement’s principles are based on addressing social deprivation caused by failed government. The only violence on the day was caused by Communists attacking youthful members of the Fratelli d’Italia Party and also violently attacking a minibus carrying German tourists.

The agenda of the widely popular Movement is to secure accommodation for homeless Italians, organise charities and provide food banks for the purpose of bringing relief to the distressed. The Casapound Italia Organisation has now entered the political arena.

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