The Movie Set that Was the Fake Paris Concert Shooting Hoax

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The Movie Set that Was the Fake Paris Concert Shooting Hoax

No one can doubt it, the Paris shooting at a theater/concert hall, the so-called Bataclan concert center, was a hoax to the extreme. Yet, in many ways it resembled a kind of C-grade movie, with stunts, stunt-people, pyrotechnic devices, low-level crisis actors, and far more.

One of the key stunts relates to the woman seemingly holding on for dear life on a window over-hang. She’s not holding on for dear life with her bare hands. Rather, she is a stunt person performing a movie-like stunt. A clearly assessment of the imagery proves that the woman is holding onto a cord of sorts, one which is secured inside the building.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.58.09 AM

Yet, it is said:

She was the desperate young woman whose screams while clinging to an open window became the iconic footage of Paris’s night of terror.

Help, help, I’m pregnant, catch me if I fall,” she was heard shouting on blurry video footage, showing her clinging to the upstairs window of the Bataclan venue – where gunmen were at that moment cold-bloodedly shooting dead 89 of her fellow concert goers.

Moreover, so it is that a good Samaritan attempted her rescue, in fact, none other than a fellow stunt person himself. Notice in this view that stunt-person is standing on the ledge, back to the other stunt agent.


In this image it can be clearly seen that the woman is holding onto a cord, notably with her left hand. By no means is that left hand associated with the actual ledge.


By the way, she’s not pregnant. This is just an emotional pull by the Zionists, who use every means possible to subdue the minds of the vulnerable, gullible goy.


Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.56.41 AM

What good does it do to shine those lights on the outside of that building? Didn’t some 120 people just lose their lives? Why don’t these men do something productive for once, like secure the perimeter and make sure there are no other ‘dangerous characters.’ Once again, no one can find this to be imagery of a real event but, rather, must conclude that is nothing other than a martial law-promoting and control-instigating drill.


There was also that restaurant element to this hoax, one that clearly proved the degree of the fraud. Zionists love the numerology factor, using plenty of threes, sevens, elevens, and more.


A goodly amount of moulage and fake blood was used in the scam. Notice the clear and obvious fake element applied to this man’s outer eye. There is no possibility that this is real blood. Why doesn’t he clean that off?


If not represented with phony corpses, then, the false dead are often demonstrated through mere photography, much of it often altered or corrupted through PhotoShop. Consider the purported only American casualty, Ms. Nohemi Gonzales:


Supposedly dying virtually in the arms of a heroic individual, Mr. Niran Jayasiri, she seems to be, like the Sandy Hoaxers and Boston smoke bombing fakes, virtually bigger than life itself:


Yet, her friends at-large are seen to smile and smirk at the thought of her loss. Even so, was she really in France or was she merely added in as a fake, digitally installed into a stock image? They do appear to be friends all-together. Moreover, if she was in France, when was it?


It is possible that this is a real image. Even so, see the expertise of Jayasiri. What role did he play? Moreover, how much was he paid to spread false witness with his claims of being with her and at her side as she died?


It could be real. Yet, the nature of his leaning makes it suspect. If it is real, then, these people were working with the secret services to plot the fake death and to disguise her whereabouts. The fake dead are an essential component of the scam. Without this, there is no substance for it.

Perhaps she really was in Paris. How can anyone know for sure?

She’s off for a new life, now. By no means was she killed or injured.







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