The NC Renegade Patriot Justifiably Rages About the Ongoing Communist Plot

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I grew up believing the American Dream where anyone could succeed and prosper. Apple pie for dessert and Disney on Sunday night portraying American heroes from the Revolution, the Alamo and the Western frontier were staples of this dream as a child. I did not grow up living in even a middle class home and we rarely had apple pie. But the American Dream shaped my future, morality and work ethic.

Fast forward to today where the country has been degraded into a socialist evil empire without morality. Actually, the nation has no soul as the number of abortions increase, politics is a blood sport for power and news is fabricated and wrapped up into a nice package of propaganda.

The main topic of conversation with a stranger today was what happens on election night. I was asked what I hoped our future would be and I was honest: I want the country to break apart into smaller geographic areas. It was like a weight was lifted from my soul as I came to grips with the fact that this country and its ideals were dead. Dead and about to be buried by a Communist illusion where everyone is equal except for the elites who ruled over their starving minions. No God, no Liberty and only submission to whatever we are told to bend the knee for their pleasure. Even if Trump wins reelection as I believe he will, it will only be a stopgap to prolong the agony of the country’s demise.

Let me be clear, I did not want to see this end to the Great Experiment. I wanted to live the American Dream as I wanted for my children and grandchildren but that is now an illusion. Tyranny has infiltrated our government, media and educational institutions. 2 + 2 = 5 and if we disagree, we are racists or whatever other label they apply to denigrate us. Because it is us vs. them and we are still pursuing a dream that is no longer viable. They stole our dreams and they bankrupted the country to enslave us. So we come back to how we delineate us vs. them. I am suggesting we abandon political parties or class structure for the delineation although I could make a case for both.

The easiest delineation would be geographic as I discussed with the stranger today. I have nothing in common with West Coast Communists, Northern Yankees or Upper Midwest Democrat Shithole cities. I apologize for being so blunt but reality is here and it is time to accept it. The devil is in the details for this “divorce” but I will ask you a simple question: do you see any reconciliation with “them” as they physically attack us with impunity, disgrace the flag, rewrite our culture, manipulate a two-tiered justice system and enslave our children?

I pray that the blood shed in the near future is minimal. I pray that God guides our hearts and souls with wisdom. I pray for Liberty for our children. What will these new countries look like? We have a good starting point from our own history and if we learn from the evil on the other side, we will do better. The biggest problem that I see in this type of scenario is how we hold those responsible for their crimes.

I believe any system of government designed by free men and women who have a moral foundation in God will be better than the swamp that could not be drained which destoyed our country.

David DeGerolamo
NC Renegades


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