The Phony, Money-Driven “Revolution”

Yes, it’s a sham in that it is not what it’s claimed to be. But it is also very real in that real people are dying and will die, and if successful, Jews will be empowered to do what they have always wanted to do to us. Think Ukraine 2014. Think NKVD. If the anti-Whites get their way, everything we love will be taken from us before our agonizing lives terminate in an agonizing death.

by David Sims

ALL AMERICANS should understand what happened in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. The initial part of the protests were genuine protests. But that didn’t remain the state of affairs for long. Antifa and Black Lives Matter came out of the woodpile to take advantage of the real protests, using them as cover as they began committing arson, vandalism, robbery, and aggravated assault. Soon terrorism supplanted protest as the general character of the activity on the street.

That’s what communists do. They wait until citizens with a legitimate grievance (or think that they have one) begin protesting, then they show up and mix with the protesters, impersonating them, while they beat up on people and start fires inside department stores.

Leftists are also quite good at hijacking other people’s revolutions, too. They wait until somebody else has done most of the work and taken most of the risks, then they show up and impersonate the revolution’s leaders, snatching away what might have been, say, a nationalist victory and turning it into a communist victory. It didn’t happen during the American Revolution in the 1780s, but that’s mostly because there weren’t any leftist commies around back then.

I think that it is time to bring back the concept of the outlaw. An outlaw is someone who has been set outside the protection of the law because of his many atrocious crimes. It is legal for anyone to kill an outlaw, subject only to reasonable prohibitions against torturing him first. First up to be considered for that status, of course, are the members, leaders, and funders of Antifa and of Black Lives Matter.

On a related topic, I’m beginning to notice something interesting. After (mostly) Blacks trash a city, the people who come along after to pick up the debris and repair the damage are (mostly) Whites. In Minneapolis, the clean-up crews are almost exclusively composed of White people.

I watched a video in which a White boy was picking up trash. He put it into a waste disposal container. Immediately, two Black women standing beside that container reached in, pulled the trash back out, and threw it on the street again. The White boy started picking the trash up again, then wandered away to look for a different waste disposal container. The two Black women acted as if they had done something righteous.

I did see one photo with five people sweeping a parking lot, and three of them were Blacks. I also noticed, however, that the parking lot had already been cleaned. The brooms in the hands of the people in the image were pushing no trash at all.

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