Stewart and Martha Resnick are the biggest farmers in the United States Resnick is the son of an Ukranian Jewish bartender He is a lawyer

Stewart ’s never driven a tractor or opened an irrigation valve. He’s never put a dusty boot on the neck of a shovel and dug down into the soil. He wouldn’t know one of his Valencia orange groves from one of his Washington navel orange groves. The land to him isn’t real. It’s an economy of scale on a scale no one’s ever tried here. He grew up in New Jersey, where his father ran a bar. He came to California in the 1950s to remake himself.. He remade himself into a graduate of the UCLA law school

Back in 1978, the Resnicks entered the agricultural business with the purchase of some orange groves in Kern County (their initial fortune came not from agriculture but from the Teleflora flower delivery service). They later expanded their assets, buying farms on the cheap during the drought years of the late 1980s. Their company—then known as Paramount Farms, but now called the Wonderful Company—soon became the largest (corporate??) producer of pistachios and almonds in the world. Their many brands include Wonderful Pistachios, Halo clementines, Fiji Water, and Pom Wonderful.

Now, all that farming requires a ton of water. Fortunately for them, the Resnicks own a majority share of what’s known as the Kern Water Bank. The state spent $75 million developing this massive underground storage facility before mysteriously handing it off to Kern County officials, who then gave much of it to Westside Mutual Water Company, a private water supplier owned by the Resnicks.

In 2014, a superior court judge decided this shady series of transactions was just that—shady. He ruled that California’s Department of Water Resources hadn’t fully examined the environmental impacts of the water bank, and later ordered the Environmental Impact Review to be resubmitted.

In the meantime, the Resnicks have been going hog wild with all that water. Based on current estimates, their Central Valley crops receive more yearly water than the amount used by every single home in Los Angeles combined. Their citrus crops alone use up more water than the city of San Francisco.

Not only that, but, having also set up a huge network of deep groundwater wells, the Resnicks are water rich enough that they’ve actually been selling the increasingly precious commodity back to the state. So far, they’ve made about $30 million in the process  How a Los Angeles couple came to control a water empire

Unfortunately for the Resnicks the biggest competitor in the almonds and pistachios market is …………….Iran

These are oudated figures ending in 1999 Source

More recent figures upto 2017 by the BBC put the US Iran yield at 70-80 percent of world production

Only its not a US Iranian battle , its more of a Resnick Iran battle

The global pistachio industry is a multi-billion dollar a year sector that is continuing to grow in value as its popularity as a foodstuff grows.

Over the last forty years, Iran’s growers have faced pressures from sanctions, tariffs and restrictions on their ability to access international financial tools.

Although pistachios themselves were not on the list of sanctioned products, restrictions on global banking made trade difficult for Iranian farmers.

All that changed in 2016 following the Iran nuclear deal, officially The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). This agreement with the US and its allies removed sanctions.

It wasn’t just Iranian oil that came flowing back onto the international market, pistachio exports began gaining overseas markets. BBC

The whole Iran sanctions deal  is on the face of it utterly illogical and absurd

Specially when Mossad chief openly contradicts Netanyahu’s silly comments about Iran’s (yet um-proven) nuclear weapon being an existential threat to Israel and says Iran is no threat to Israel (with or without a bomb)

Efraim Halevy, the former head of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, says Iran does not pose a threat to Israel.Responding to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s argument that the Iran nuclear deal would “threaten the survival” of the country, Halevy says there is no “existential threat” to Israel, including from Iran Al Jazeera

After Donnie boy bought back the Iran sanctions Irans  pistachio exports were badly hurt again

Billions of dollars can be made or lost in oil futures and the Iran sanctions play a big role in deciding oil futures  So if the Iran sanctions are guided SOLELY by crass commercial motives that undoubtedly oil is the primary reason

Could pistachios be the second reason?





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