The Satanic Cult that rules the world

The Satanic Cult that rules the world


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8 Responses to “The Satanic Cult that rules the world”

  1. g.reynolds says:


    “The only reason that Jews are in porn is that Christ sucks”.
    – Al Goldstein, pornographer

    America’s most notorious pornographer was Reuben Sturman, the “Walt Disney of Porn”. According to the US Department of Justice. Throughout the 1970’s, Sturman controlled most of the pornography circulating in the country. Sturman controlled distribution warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Toronto, Los Angeles and Detroit. He was the owner of between 300 and 800 retail porn stores (May and Hosenball 1981).

    According to Jay A. Gertzman, The Trade in Erotica 1920 – 1940 (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999), “Jews were prominent in the distribution of erotic books and sexually explicit novels”. The contemporary of Sturman is 43-year old Jew Steven Hirsch. Today Hirsch runs the Vivid Entertainment Group. Hirsch is known as “The Donald Trump of Porn”

    “I’am just a nice Jewish boy”, says Queens native Ron Jeremy and 23 years of porn films. Some Jews claim that Hugh Hefner is also a Jew.

    Russian women are bought and sold by pimps in Israel for prices ranging from US $5,000 to $20,000. (Police sources, “Invisible Women”, Martina Vandenberg, St Petersburg Times, 13 October 1997). Women trafficked from Eastern Europe, were stripped and sold naked as slaves to Tel Aviv traders for US $500 – $1,000. (New York Times 11 January 1998).

    Jews were involved in prostitution rings wrote Arthur Mora (of London’s Jewish Association) in 1903, to “almost all parts of North and South Africa, to India, China, Japan, Phillipines, North and South America and Europe”. (Bristow, p 11) Jews trafficked women to Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanan, Egypt, Ceylon, Manchuria, South Africa, Rhodesia and Mozambique. (Bristow, p. 181).

    Jewish internet porn moguls include Seattle’s Seth Warshavsky, called “The Bill Gates of Smut” by the Los Angeles Times (Ehrman, M. 6-13-99, p 26); Jonathan Silberstein, president of Cybererotica (Chairman Ron Levy); Peter Asher, president of Vivid Entertainment Group (world’s leading producer of smut), founded by Steven Hirsch and David James.Former owner, Stephen Cohen had been running that site since 1995. Others are…

    David Marshlack – Owner of
    Adam Glasser – Owns Seymore Inc.
    Al Goldstein – Screw magazine
    Steve Orenstein – Wicked Pictures
    Paul Fishbein – AUN Media Network Inc.
    Michael Lucas (Bregman) – Lucas Entertainment
    Frank Koretsky – IVD (largest porn distributor world-wide)

  2. g.reynolds says:

    image of Reuben Sturman America’s foremost porn king re article submitted four minutes ago.

  3. reynolds says:


    “All U.S. Phone Call Records & Billing Done In Israel”

    “AMDOCS has contracts with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide… it is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating an Amdocs record of it”.

    I came across a company called AMDOCS located in Israel. AMDOCS has an office in the US, but it does “its credit checks and billing data on virtually every call in America” from its Israeli location. Every call made in America? What am I missing here? Why has our personal information been put within reach of the Mossad and Zionists?


  4. reynolds says:

    Re: The AMDOCS Israeli company that monitors your calls for “billing purposes” in Israel.

  5. reynolds says:

    I noticed the John 8:44 quote on “You are of your father the devil, he was a murderer from the beginning and there is no truth in him”. This quote seems to bounce off the Chosen Ones. But one other quote is scary and fulfilling to say the least.

  6. reynolds says:

    Each time I looked up John 7:13, the GOOGLE GESTAPO gave me a completely different verse. Or they gave me John 13:7 (ie they reversed my request). Just what are they afraid of? Hopefully this image link will come through directly. If not JOHN 7:13 reads – AND NO MAN SPOKE OPENLY IN FAVOR OF HIM FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS.

  7. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    Thanks Reynolds… nice find.

    Its now on the front page 🙂

  8. reynolds says:

    Here is a caption that I’ve been looking for, courtesy of a forum member. It states “Diversity is strength”, “War is peace” etc as Orwell had predicted in his “1984”. I find some of the things being said today, as incredible as when I first read “1984”. And scary!

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