The Sick Man

AT THE BEGINNING of this century, the decadent Turkish Empire was preserved from Russian aggression only by Russia’s knowledge that the British Empire would never permit a potentially hostile nation to take Constantinople and control the Hellespont (also called the Dardanelles). At that time, Turkish territory still included a fairly large part of the Balkans (Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, all mutinous), so the diplomats of European nations and especially of Great Britain were wont to refer to Turkey as “the sick man of Europe.” How the world has changed in three-quarters of a century, as our race became palsied and stupid! I have commented in these pages on the English people, who have become so spineless and abject that they permitted the imprisonment of John Tyndall, the head of the British National Party, for the crime of believing that the self-degraded Anglo-Saxons, who were respected in the world a few decades ago, still have a right to have a country of their own. This past year, the mentally alienated English were so eager to squander what few resources they have left and to hasten the suicide of their nation that they taxed themselves to import eight hundred niggers to stink up their universities. The savages, of course, were to be provided with lavish “scholarships” and enrolled in universities which many highly intelligent English youths cannot afford to attend. (And, needless to say, the academic institutions were ready to prostitute themselves to give degrees to the “underprivileged” refuse, and take pride in their “Liberal” vitiation of such scholastic standards as they had left.)

There is an even grimmer aspect of this national masochism. A still rational and manly Englishman, Peregrine Worsthorne, contributed an editorial article to the Sunday Telegraph, 28 September 1986, in which he pointed out that it was statistically certain that at least eighty of the imported and subsidized niggers would arrive bearing the infection of Immune Deficiency, now become pandemic in the territories from which they come, and that it was by no means improbable that even a larger proportion of the eight hundred would bring the deadly disease with them. The newspaper had urged editorially the week before that the recipients of British largesse be given medical examinations before they were admitted to England. The British government, presumably including the “shabbat goyah” who is the Prime Ministress and her cabinet of Jews and British degenerates, immediately claimed that the proposal was “impractical.” Mr. Worsthorne pointed out the absurdity of that claim, which merely meant that the government loves niggers and White male perverts, many of whom were so vile that they acquired the disease from niggers, and would rather see all Englishmen put in danger of contracting the infection (which can be transmitted without sexual contact) than do anything that might embarrass its darling pets. To protect the English people would be “discrimination.” The rational writer roundly demanded that the government abate its contemptuous disregard of the English who pay for it, and instead turn its discrimination against the bearers of an invariably lethal and epidemic contagion. But he also predicted that the political riff-raff in power would do nothing of the sort. A correspondent informs me that Mr. Worsthorne was right. The eight hundred anthropoids swarmed into Little Britain, bearing their deadly plague and, no doubt, other tropical diseases, and they are collecting their handsome stipends from British taxpayers. There was no real concern among the spavined nitwits who are almost all that is left of the nation that was so great and deservedly proud in 1900: they were too busy watching ball games on the “telley.” But the savages, brutish as they are, are doubtless intelligent enough to despise people so feeble-minded as to admit them at all, diseased or not.

So that is the state of Britain today. It is easy to see what nation is now the “sick man of Europe.” And sick to the death.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, May 1987

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