The SPLC: Smear Machine in Favour of Homosex, Feminism & White Genocide

By Philippe Armstrong

The Communist Vladimir Lenin said, “we must write in a language that inspires hate, revulsion and scorn among the working class towards those who disagree with us.”

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) regularly consorts with Communist organizations and runs with their rules for radicals. The SPLC will never criticize Marxists and political terrorism a la feminism. The SPLC’s executives and rulers are all on capitalist salaries whilst smearing anyone right of Trostky. They do not engage with discussion-they just vilify their ideological opponents.  

Hi, I’m Jew faggot Mark Potok of the SPLC, I will not rest until all whites are extinct and anal sex is the dominant sexual activity in the country.

The SPLC has been a giant con all along. The SPLC’s motto is make hate pay. It is an organization trawling for complainants and spends it’s time and money attacking veterans, nuns, Catholics,  homeschooling parents and people who expose the dirty world of faggotry.

Anyone who does not agree with their far-left ideology is fair game. They say they monitor hate. They do nothing of the sort. They focus on social justice heresy and report it to outrage mobs (the social justice warrior leftists, homosexuals, transgenders, Antifa and feminists). 

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One Response to “The SPLC: Smear Machine in Favour of Homosex, Feminism & White Genocide”

  1. GLR says:

    The SPLC has over $340 million stashed away in an offshore fund in the Cayman Islands. So why does it call itself a “poverty law center”? Answer: Because like the HOLOHOAX it is an effective money making racket. Follow the money!

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