The Story of Tania Hossack an Australian MKULTRA Subject

The Story of Tania Hossack, an Australian MKULTRA Subject


The following is an e-mail I received from Tania Hossack of Queensland, Australia in 2013.  Based on its contents, I am certain that Tania is the subject of a classified non-consensual mind control program.  The e-mail is presented with her express permission in its original, unedited form, with the following exceptions:

  1. I have added paragraph spacing to improve presentation and readability.
  2. I have added numbered footnotes at key points in the text, to which I refer in my commentary which follows the e-mail.  These are shown bold and in a different color than the original text.
  3. At Tania’s request, I have deleted her last name from the text.   March 13, 2014 update: At Tania’s request, her last name is no longer being withheld.

Below the e-mail and footnotes is a letter that Tania wrote to a psychiatrist to whom she had been involuntarily referred (under Australia’s Mental Health Act) by the hospital where she was admitted.

Tania’s 2013 e-mail to Jeff

(Received October 8, 2013)

In November 2012 I had what I believed contact with spirit world. Seeing the clock at 11:11 twice a day for days on end (1), telepath (2) and many coincidences (3). I had similar experience over Easter 2011, however November 2012 was more intense. It felt like God had chosen me to save the world (4). 

I had visions in which the following day I would be sent a picture of what my vision was on my facebook page from unknown people (5). These pictures showed planetary alignment (6) over Giza pyramids (7), full moon eclipse and the Mayan calendar end date (8). I had never heard of the Mayan calendar previously. These pictures were what I had seen in my visions. 

I was absolutely certain the spirit world and God were contacting me. On 28 November a friend came over and she thought I was having a mental breakdown and called an ambulance. In the ambulance the officer placed what appeared to be beige coloured skin/medical patches on both my forearms (9). In the centre of the patches were metal rods of about 2 inches in height with rounded ends. I wanted to ask the officer what they were for but I was unable to speak. He called out to the driver that my blood pressure was normal. He had not used a blood pressure device to check it though. (10)

Once at the hospital several people who I assumed at the time were doctors and nurses asked me odd questions. I was asked if I had a uterus and if I knew where I had gotten the chemicals from that were in my body. I wasn't given the time to answer or ask questions, they walked away (11). I was given a quartz crystal by the nurse (12). I remember being wide awake and wanting to know what was going on. 

The next thing I knew I was waking up and could not breathe (13). I then saw bits and pieces of my life as though I was seeing it on a large screen before completely waking up (14). A female came over and checked the patches on my forearms, pulled the blanket back over my shoulders and walked away. Two men in dark blue suits came and stood on each side of the doorway about 7 meters from me. One of them kept turning around smiling at me and telling me via telepathy that everything was okay (15). 

I had not been pregnant but I then felt two babies being born, about 5 minutes between each one. It was not painful but I definitely felt the sensation of them coming out. I looked but could not see any babies (16). The lady returned and took the patches off my forearms. 

I don't know how I got from being on a hospital bed to all of a sudden on a higher level of the hospital walking down a corridor with the 2 men in blue suits beside me. I then felt terrified. As soon as I felt this, the 2 men told me via telepathy not to be frightened (17). I was put into a room. It was after 11pm. I had arrived at the hospital about 10am. 

I have about 13 hours of missing time (18). I felt fine in the morning and was about to eat breakfast on a balcony when a friends father who had passed away about 17 years prior came out and greeted me. I felt amazed to see him. He sat down, put his hand over mine and said I had been blowing him kisses all around the world. I shared my breakfast with him. I wanted to ask him so many questions but was unable to (19). 

I was then discharged. I had not been assessed upon admission but I since received discharge papers that report I claimed to be the virgin Mary (20). They diagnosed me with bipolar! (21) I was not assessed! As I was being discharged a nurse gave me an injection in the buttock. She said it was vitamin B (22). My doctor does not believe I have bipolar and she is aware of mind control projects but said its too difficult to prove (23). Several weeks later I discovered the staff at the hospital that dealt with me and the ambulance officers are no longer employed (24). 

I have conducted so much research since my experience in November. I am sure it was mind control. What are those patches they stuck on my forearms? I was going to message you months ago about my experience but felt you would think I was insane. It is constantly on my mind and I'm terrified of what could happen. Surely I'm not the only one they have done this to.  
Thank you, Tania Hossack, 

After responding to Tania’s above message, I received this follow-up e-mail from her the next day (October 9, 2013).

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your reply.

Please feel free to publish my story on your site. You may use my first name and location.

I believe the patches that were put on my forearms are some sort of very advanced medical device that were used to put me to sleep and give me the birthing sensation (25). I feel the patches may have even been used to download my memories as well, as when I was waking up I could see bits and pieces of my life (26). Perhaps they used my memory to ‘create’ my friends father who had passed away many years prior (27). I didn’t know my friends father very well but I certainly knew what he looked like. He had been a freemason (28).

I never knew there was a conspiracy surrounding freemasonary let alone mind control. I guess like the majority of people, you only find out after it happens to you (29).


Jeff’s Footnotes

1. The so-called “11:11 phenomenon” is a combination false-flag / disinformation operation which relies on neurotechnology previously implanted in the brain of the subject. It is so widespread that numerous books have been written and countless websites dedicated to the “phenomenon.” See:

2. The experience of “telepathy” is a signature symptom of MKULTRA neurotechnology subjects.  See:

3. The experience of unusually frequent coincidences is a sign of MKULTRA targeting. See:

4. The experience of feeling “chosen” and/or on a “mission” is another signature sign indicating one is an MKULTRA subject. This experience is widely reported, particularly by subjects in the “alien abduction” themed programs.  See:

new-age-magazine5. MKULTRA neurotechnology enables the operator to send video directly to the mind of the target, bypassing the physical eyes and ears. The mature technology which is in use against mind control subjects is classified; however, primitive versions of the technology are now being discussed in the open scientific literature. See:

6. Planetary alignments and astrology are a common disinformation theme and are often used to divert the attention of MKULTRA victims to “new age” beliefs. See:

7. Giza pyramids are a signature occult/masonic symbol. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry uses an ancient Egyptian religious theme for its rituals.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is also directly involved in MKULTRA psychiatric operations, according to the research of the late Jim Keith, who appears to have been murdered by medical personnel in a Reno, NV hospital.  See:

8. See Note 6.

9. Patches on forearms probably indicate that Tania was being drugged at this point, particularly in light of the fact that she found herself unable to speak.

10. False statement by ambulance attendant in this context demonstrates complicity.

11. Medical personnel’s question about uterus unexplained but relates to Tanya’s experience of giving birth later in the story. Medical personnel walking away without allowing Tania opportunity to answer question is anomalous. It is unclear what was going on here and this may further evidence that Tania was drugged by this point in the encounter.

12. Crystals feature prominently in “new age” disinformation directed at MKULTRA subjects.  See:

missing-time13. Waking up suddenly when the last recollection is of having been wide awake indicates Tanya was medically rendered unconscious. This is reported with great frequency by MKULTRA subjects both in conventional settings and in “alien/UFO” themed experiences.  In 1981, a book presenting purported “research” on the latter subject was titled Missing Time, alluding to the nearly universal (no pun intended) nature of this experience among mind control subjects.

14. See Note 5.

15. See Note 2.

16. Manipulation of reproductive functions of MKULTRA subjects is commonly reported. See:

    Further, the experience of A) giving birth, and B) having this experience while not necessarily having been previously aware of a pregnancy, are widely reported by MKULTRA subjects in the “UFO/alien” themed programs. See:

17. Another blackout (see Note 13). Another telepathic experience (see Note 2).

18. Another blackout (see Note 13).

19. The experience of meeting a deceased person personally known to the subject has been previously reported by MKULTRA subjects enrolled in “UFO/alien” themed programs.    Tania’s inability to respond indicates she was under external control. See:

20. Discharge papers inconsistent with Tania’s recollections indicates concealment.

21. In order to conceal the existence and deployment of classified mind control neurotechnology, complaints about telepathic experiences have been pre-emptively defined as “first-rank” symptoms of schizophrenia.  Diagnosis of mind control subjects with schizophrenia, bi-polar or other psychotic disorders as a cover story is the standard modus operandi of these operations.  See:

22. Unverifiable injections are commonly reported by subjects of non-consensual human “experimentation.” See:

23. Tania’s doctor is probably correct, in this author’s opinion.

24. Disappearance of hospital and ambulance staff shortly after Tania’s experience strongly evidences an MKULTRA operation.

25. I disagree. I believe these were two distinct aspects of Tania’s experience. Compare with my Note 9 and Note 16.

26. I disagree. Compare with my Note 9 and Note 5.

27. This is entirely possible. MKULTRA “synthetic telepathy” neurotechnology makes your thoughts and memories available to the remote operator. In this case, however, it is unlikely that it would have been necessary to rely on Tania’s memory to “reconstruct” an image or experience of an individual, when actual photos or videos were available. Tania’s experience of meeting her friend’s deceased father may have been an artificially-induced memory / dream. See Note 5 and Note 19. It is also possible that she was in fact caused to meet someone who appeared to be the deceased.

28. In the context of an MKULTRA abduction, the deceased father’s masonic affiliation is a red-flag and highly relevant. See Note 7.

29. Most people don’t know, but (more importantly) they don’t WANT to know. This stuff is too horrible for most people to want to deal with. They just hope that if they ignore it, they will somehow escape being affected. Unfortunately, they are not only wrong, but in many cases they and their loved ones are ALREADY affected without being aware of it. JP

February 2014 Letter from Tania to Psychiatrist

The following is a letter that Tania wrote to a psychiatrist to whom she had been involuntarily been referred (under her government’s Mental Health Act) by the hospital where she was admitted. In it, she elaborates on the story told in the above e-mail. The experiences she recounts occurred on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  Tania advises she wants her story made known because there may be others having similar experiences, and warns that “police as well as ambulance officers are […] involved.”

Minor formatting and spelling/grammar check updates were made, which Tania approved before publication. Names of medical staff have been removed at Tania’s request.  Near the end of the letter, Tania cites the work of Dr. Rauni Kilde, a Finnish doctor who speaks publicly about mind control, in order to lend suport to her case. I believe that Kilde is not a reliable source and promotes disinformation (see MC301).

10 February 2014

Dear Dr <Name removed>:

I write the below to you regarding my experiences since my hospitalizations from 28 November 2012 to January 2014, and hope that you will be able to take me seriously.

I have also attached documentation “Microchip Mind Control, Implants & Cybernetics” which I feel could support what has happened to me since 28 Nov 2012.

Several days prior to 28 November I had visions (dreams) in which soon after I was shown pictures of what I had seen in my visions. At this time I was also having telepathy with unknown sources but I had a sense it was with the spirit world. I had had telepathy around Easter of 2011 including seeing the clock at 11:11 twice a day for days on end and many other coincidences. At that time I researched 11:11 and felt comforted by what I read. The telepathy and coincidences stopped as soon as I had read information about seeing 11:11. I felt blessed and left it at that even though I ended up in Nambour Hospital for one night.

In November 2012 the visions I had were of a lunar eclipse, three stars over the Giza pyramids and the date 21 December 2012. I just thought they were odd dreams. Then the telepathy started to increase. I was ‘told’ to look at my Facebook account. I then saw these visions in pictures that had been sent to me on Facebook. I had no idea about the Mayan Calendar, nor was I aware at the time that other ancient civilizations had the same prophecies as the Mayans.

An immediate sense of panic hit me and there was an urgent sense of a timeframe allocated to me to do something that will help save the world. I kept hearing via telepathy, “Don’t panic, pay attention to your breathing, drink some water and have some food”.

I knew I had to research the meaning of the visions. The sense of urgency was so overwhelming but somehow I managed to breath, drink and eat and keep myself together mentally.

I researched lunar eclipses and didn’t find much that seemed to make sense in what I was experiencing. But when I read up on the date 21 December 2012, and 3 stars over Giza pyramids. I thought I would fall in a heap and die. I yelled out to God, “What can I do? Why me? How the heck can I save the world?” I started pinching myself and really hard too as I was hoping it was all just a dream.

I ended up in a trance like state early hours on 28 November. I got various items from my home including an Egyptian cat statue and the ashes of my dog called Zeus (he was called Zeus by his previous owner). I placed all the items outside on the ground. The last item I placed down was a funeral card of a very old friend who had passed away. I put the poppy I received at his funeral over the funeral card.

I then prayed out loud to end the wars, send all troops home and stop poverty. I then felt a sense of relief. I believed I had ‘done my bit’ to help save the world. I yelled out over and over “Woohoo!! We did it”. I had never felt so wonderful in my life.

At that moment a friend dropped in to see me. I was so excited about all that happened and started telling her. Well she called me an ambulance!

I was happy to go off in the ambulance. I had no idea where I was being taken but I felt I wasn’t being taken to hospital. I felt back to normal, the excitement had worn off.

The ambulance officer in the back of the ambulance with me took a sample of blood and then stuck patches on my shoulders. They were medical looking patches but had metal pieces sticking upwards from the center about 2 inches in height with rounded ends. He would not tell me what they were for. He then called out to the driver that my blood pressure was perfect but he had not used a blood pressure device to check it though. He told me he was one of a handful of people that had been assigned to look after me and that my stay in hospital would be short. I felt reassured.

At the hospital I was wide awake and wondering what was going on. A lady came over to me and said they had to move me quickly. I assumed she was a nurse. I remember her pushing the bed I was on and cannot recall feeling sleepy but woke up 10 to 12 hours later. I was not aware of the missing time until several days later.

I remember waking up and not being able to breathe and this repeated numerous times. When I finally woke up I was wondering what year it was and who I was. I felt as though I had been taken back in time and had been playing the part of many people. I also sensed that my memories had been downloaded.

I was in a large room on my own. A male person came in and asked me if I still had a uterus. He walked away before I could answer him. A lady then came in and I asked her what was going on. She said I had a lot of chemicals in my system and handed me a crystal and she walked away. Another male person came into the room. He stood at a nurse’s station in front of a computer and smiled at me. The telepathy happened again, but this time I knew it was coming from this male person. He said I would be okay and that they had no choice but to do this in a hospital as it was the safest place. Two men in blue suits then stood on either side of the doorway to the room. One of them kept turning around at me smiling. I also had some telepathy with him. He was basically reassuring me I would be okay. He looked Egyptian and I felt I had known him. When I asked him if I knew him he said I knew all of them but could not remember.

The male person at the nurse’s station then picked up a phone and was describing me to someone. He was saying they may have to relocate me. He kept smiling at me and reassuring me. He was using the computer during the procedures I mention below.

The lady who had given me the crystal came in and checked the patches on my shoulders and pulled the blanket back over my shoulders and walked away.

I then felt some movement in my reproductive area which made me sit up. I was told to lay back down and keep quiet. I then felt a baby moving from my uterus down and out of me. I felt the pressure and movement of this but it was not at all painful and there was no baby visible. I had not been pregnant. I was told to keep quite again. I wanted to yell out what the heck was going on but was unable to. I was a bit frightened by this experience but felt okay with it as well. They keep reassuring me and then the male person on the phone was telling the other person there was a complication and I had to be moved urgently. I then felt a surge of electricity through my body which seem to give me strength. My back then began to arch by itself and I laid back down. The male person at the nurse’s station then said to the person on the other end of the phone that there were three sections of bowel in the way and to wait a moment. A couple of minutes later I felt another baby coming out, head first like the first one. Then another surge of electricity and my back arching itself.

The male person removed a device from the computer and walked away.

The lady came back in and took the patches off my shoulders and walked away. A male nurse called <Name removed at Tania’s request>(UK accent) approached me and handed me pen and paper and told me to write down four names. I did and he walked away with it.

A different lady then approached me and told me to follow her. I was shown into a small room and she walked to a desk off from the room. She made a telephone call and said she had a female patient that had two small children she wanted to discharge her and that she had no money and that she would give her some money.

The lady then came back to the room and I was taken to a higher level of the hospital. The two men in blue suits were on either side of me. They were not wearing the usual security officers blue uniforms.

I wanted to scream out “What happened to me? What was that all about?” I was in shock and scared at what was going to happen next.

<The male nurse> then met us in another section of the hospital. I was not aware this was a psychiatric ward. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by fear and thought I was going to pass out. Then men in blue suits were saying (telepathy) “Please don’t be scared, it’s all okay”. I could even feel their compassion and love, however that just seem to complicate my fear further.

<The male nurse> showed me to a room. I didn’t want to go in there, I ran down a hallway and hid in a rest room with my back against the door. I eventually came out and was taken to the room by <the male nurse>. I slammed the door shut and ran to a window and punched it but it wouldn’t break. I wanted to jump head first onto the ground below but the glass was too thick to break. The only other time I felt suicidal was when I was on Cymbalta sometime after I was assaulted at work. I developed PTSD as a result of the assault and the nightmares were bad enough but Cymbalta made them much worse and I had many suicidal thoughts and later discovered that Cymbalta has caused many people to commit suicide. My concern is that whatever experiments they are conducting on people in this hospital is a far greater crime.

I woke the following morning (29th Nov 2012) feeling very blessed. I went out into a main area and <the male nurse> told me I had slept very well. He told me I could go across the road and get the best coffee I had ever had. I did that and got some yoghurt too and returned.

I went out on a balcony to have my coffee and yogurt. I had just sat down when a friend’s father that had passed away about 17 years prior came out onto the balcony. He recognised me straight away. I was in absolute awe. It was amazing to see him. I was speechless but managed to tell him it was great to see him. He sat down and put his hand over mine and said that I had been blowing him kisses all around the world. Right at that moment I wondered if reincarnation was real. I hadn’t known him very well but certainly knew what he looked like. He had been a Freemason. I wanted to ask him so many questions but didn’t know where to begin. I went inside and got him a spoon and cup and shared my yoghurt with him. He then said, “I know what they said about you and I also know that was not you”. I don’t know why but somehow that made sense to me. As soon as he said that I felt myself somewhere way back in time being persecuted for something I had not done. I was trying to remember who I was back then but he put his arm around me and said it was all okay. He then said he had to lay down but I would see him again soon.

I then had a conversation with a male person that appeared to be a patient who had come out onto the balcony. He was telling me about some odd things that had happened to him which he believed were from spirit world. For some reason I asked him if he felt Steve Irwin was contacting him. He freaked out a tad when I asked that and tears welled in his eyes. He said he had been mates with Steve since school. My family has known the Irwins most of their lives, especially an older cousin of mine who knows Bob (Steve’s father) very well.

I went back inside and read a book in bed for a while and can’t remember feeling tired but I woke the following morning and was discharged. I must have slept for a very long time as I hadn’t had lunch or dinner. A nurse came and said I needed a vitamin B injection. I didn’t question it.

I got home and then started to research and I’ve been researching ever since. I was hoping my experience was part of our Creators plan but if that was the case I’m sure they would have told me about it. I’m aware a line of females in my family have had psychic abilities but I don’t think that subject is recognised in psychiatry. I’ve had a few unexplained things occur to me but never pursued it as I didn’t understand it.

While researching I discovered Dr Rauni Kilde’s works on YouTube. Dr Kilde, MD Former Chief Medical Officer, Lapland, Finland. Please refer to the attached documentation “Microchip Mind Control, Implants and Cybernertics”. Dr Rauni Kilde’s YouTube documentaries advise that single females are often targeted. I’m a single female and I’m also aware of other single females in hospital having similar experiments conducted on them.

I went back to researching lunar eclipses and discovered that on 28th November 2012 there was a lunar eclipse with the moon being in Gemini (twin birthing experience connection?). Recently I discovered that date was the 333rd day of the year with 33 days remaining. 33 is significant to Freemasonry. My friend’s father had been a Freemason. There’s links to Freemasonry and the pyramids. I saw my friend’s father again in January 2013 when I was with my brother shopping. My brother saw him too but he had not known my friend’s father. I hugged and kissed him. He asked me if I was still a nurse at the hospital. That’s confusing… But then again the whole darn thing is confusing.

I’ve researched mind control, in particular neuro tech mind control. I hate to admit it but I am more inclined to believe this experience of mine was mind control. When I discussed it with my Dr (<Name removed>, Noosaville), she advised me she was aware of mind control programs in the past and wanted to help me make a complaint. I’m reluctant to make a complaint as I know it will fall on ‘deaf ears’ as basically who is going to believe a person with a known psychological injury?

I ended up in hospital again in January 2013, as after my admission in November 2012 I had Community Mental Health conducting home visits. On one occasion two of them (both males) came to my door. I had been resting in bed reading a book. I heard one of them call out “It’s Steve”. I know a couple of Steve’s so I was going to unlock the door and let Steve in and quickly run back to my room and put something more decent on. I was only in a short white night shirt. When I saw two men at my door I felt very intimidated. I asked them to come back in an hour or so. They said if I didn’t let them in now they would get the police. I welcomed them to get the police. I retreated back to my bedroom and began packing a bag thinking I would have to run away as there was no way I was going back to hospital and have further experiments carried out on me.

The Mental Health workers returned with the Police and I am told I have to go to hospital. I was very frustrated and scared. I was (once again) doped up on medications that do not suit me and diagnosed incorrectly.

For some years I had discovered through a family member that a now newly elected Member of Parliament has associations with the Russian Mafia. I know a bit about the Mafia in Australia. My father during his work had involvement with the Italian Mafia in Victoria in the 1970’s. But when you mention that to people in the health system, they think you’re delusional. I don’t associate with members of the Mafia, I just know the history and who controls the largest corporations in Australia and some other countries.

My move into my new property could not go ahead (settlement proceeded whilst I was in hospital). I lost my chances of employment in the new area I was moving to. I also lost my job with Sunshine Coast Council. I had a current medical certificate and my employer called Mental Health saying I was “off with the fairies” (reaction to medication). While I was in hospital they terminated my employment. I had been employed by Council since 2001.

Dr <Name removed (Dr. #1)> refused to contact Dr <Name removed (Dr. #2)> about my condition. <Dr. #1> did not listen to what I wanted to say. No one has listened so that is why I decided to let my sense of humor (which keeps me sane) ‘kick in’ when I was again admitted to hospital in January 2014. I recall telling a hospital staff member that I had flown off my unicorn, etc.

All I had done was toot my car horn and yell out to God “Why can’t we have healthy cigarettes”. The police and ambulance turned up at the same time. My furniture was NOT upside down and nor where my drawers or cupboards open. You can confirm this by contacting <the vet>. The only thing that may have appeared to be out of place was a spilt kitty litter tray and a broken cup as a result of my cat knocking it off the bench.

The ambulance officers that were in attendance advised me they were the same from my experience on 28/11/12. Yet again I was put to sleep, this time in the back of the ambulance and only woke up on arrival at the hospital. However, this time they had not placed medical patches on me to put me to sleep. I tried to go AWOL 6 times? Who wouldn’t after having such horrible experiments conducted on them previously?

During my recent stay in Nambour Hospital I was advised several times by nursing staff that they had organised my house keys to be transported to my vet and/or neighbour. This was NOT the case.

On about 21 January I was taken to my house by two male persons from Community Mental Health Services. Staff at the hospital had given me my house keys from behind the counter. I then knew that they had not given my keys to the vet and/or neighbour. Further, my neighbours had only moved in prior to Christmas and I had not met them yet.

Once I arrived at home I noted my dog and one of my cats were missing. My Galahs water bowls were filthy and he hadn’t any food left. My 17 year old cat was scared and had lost a lot of weight.

Once I was transported to Buderim Hospital I contacted my Vet. I was advised that on the 15th January they received a call from someone stating I was in hospital. They accessed my house with the Police and a Locksmith and organised my dog to go into boarding and my 13 year old cat who is on medication to be looked after at the vets. They assumed my brother would be looking after my Galah and other cat as he had done so when I was in hospital in January 2013. My brother is currently working overseas and was not aware I was in hospital.

My animals suffered greatly and this caused me further stress while in hospital. My 17 year old cat was skin and bones and very weak. I have been able to save her. If my pets had perished as a result of the incompetence of hospital staff I would have contacted the media before now.

I trust I don’t suffer any consequences forwarding you this information. I have also contacted a family friend and provided a copy of this to him, as if in the event I am ‘carted off’ to hospital again this will all come out in mainstream media.

Please contact me by mail acknowledging receipt of this and reassuring me that If I attend the scheduled appointment with you in your officer on 18th February 2014, that I will not be taken to hospital. Please note the letter by <Dr. #2> which I gave copy to Lorraine to forward onto you. I have difficulty driving far from home and I do not wish to have increased anxiety. If I am unable to make the appointment, I will call your office to reschedule. Lorraine is welcome to visit anytime.

Kind regards,

Tania Hossack

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6 Responses to “The Story of Tania Hossack an Australian MKULTRA Subject”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would read this shit – I know Tania and she has always been an absolute manipulative, evil user of a person. Always out for revenge on someone or suing someone. Never been able to hold down a job or if she did manage to get a job, she would find fault with the place and resign after one day because the job was not up to her satisfaction. I am so glad I am free of her lies, deceit and mayhem. I have seen her inflict pain and agony on people that have done nothing but care about her and help her.

  2. T MacPherson says:

    If ‘anonymous’ responding to Tania’s story actually knew her, they (or perhaps anonymous is a darpa bot) would understand that such allegations are unfounded. Who was Tania’s employer for eleven (11) years prior to her being abducted and experimented on? The government? At least Tania gave her name unlike ‘anonymous’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    abducted? what horse shit! experimented on? where would they start with such experiments really? and what would they have found besides attention seeking victim mentality. a darpa bot – do you even know the meaning? yes 11 years in one job is unbelievable, congratulations, but would now be blacklisted from any government jobs. Just a cluster f**k. Always has been always will be.

  4. Olly Warner says:

    A team of investigators were engaged as the hospital in which Ms Hosack was admitted to has a sinister record.British Intelligence is involved in many crimes against civilians and one only just has to research the history to find the truth.

    Ms Hosack’s father (whom she has nothing to do with) was an investigator who was employed by Mossad for many decades. According to statements from various persons in Australia and overseas, Mr Hosack was most likely blackmailed by MOssad (fbi cia fronts) in Mexico when he was assigned by the Austalian government.

    Mr Hossack was involved in the cult awareness network (Mossad run). He asked his daughter to join the cult to obtain further evidence regarding David Koresh (aka Vernon Howell) compound in Texas, USA. She refused, even though the offer of much money was offered to her to join the cult.

    If anyone wants further information, we recommend you read some articles such as CAN (cult awareness network) Bloodbath, Waco Texas

  5. Dhushan says:

    Take the pressure off and call Uber cab. What is with the name of this website (jewworldorder). That is putting all Jewish people in a terrible category. Please stop with that, it is racism. Look around you every thing that glitters is not gold. There is good and bad in all human race. If I had got to know Miss Tania better (as I should have considering what has now transpired) I may have taken a better approach. God save the Queen..

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