The US Gifted China to the USSR


December 10, 2019



 “President Truman, on the advice of Dean Acheson, announced to the world, Dec 15 1945 that unless the Communists in China were admitted to the established government of China, aid from America would no longer be functioning. At the same time, Mr. Truman dispatched General Marshall to China with orders to stop the mopping up of Communist forces [Mao Ze Dong] which was being carried to a successful conclusion by the established government of China. Our new ambassador to China, General of the Army, George C. Marshall, confirmed under White House directive to the dicta of the State Department’s Communist inclined camarilla and made further efforts to force Chiang (General Chiang Kai Shek) to admit Communists to his government in the effective numbers , no doubt which Truman demanded in his statement of December 15, 1945.” [ Note to the 21st century reader – the Mainstream mediawhorejobs and FAKENN had completely censored Communist atrocities and terrorism by the forces of Mao Ze Dong. The Chinese Communists were represented to the goy plantations of the West as ‘agrarian democrats’ ]


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