The Warrior’s Book of Virtues: A Field Manual for Living Your Best Life

Hatherleigh Press

The Warrior’s Book of Virtues: A Field Manual for Living Your Best Life. Nick Benas USMC, Matt Bloom,USMC, Buzz Bryan, USN. Hatherleigh  Press

Here is a book written by three soldiers, two Marines and one Navy, who use battle-tested principles of the United States Marine Corps to inspire you to achieve your full potential and to become successful completing every objective you set for yourself. They offer ways for you to live your best life.  These authors would encourage you live your greatest life and to not compromise along the way.  They offer practical ways to achieve what you want.   

You will read chapters written about discipline, prudence, temperance, charity, fortitude, decisiveness, hope, bearing, justice, faith and resilience. This is a little book that contains many suggestions on how you can be your best self……Carol

About the authors:

Nick Benas, USMC is a former United States Marine Sergeant and Iraqi Combat Veteran. He is the author of Mental Health Emergencies and Tactical Mobility.  He travels around the U.S. training individuals on how to respond to emergency mental health situations.

Matt Bloom, USMC, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves where he spent eight years and completed two combat tours to Iraq. During this time, he worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility as a counselor and assistant therapist for incarcerated offenders.  He is currently a police office in Pittsburg, PA.

Richard “Buzz” Bryan, USN is the current Outreach Coordinator for the West Palm Beach VA Medial Center. Buzz was a dedicated and driven member of the Navy/Marine Corps team and retired from the United States Navy in July 2011, after 22 years of honorable service to the Fleet Marine Force.


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