The West Belongs to People of European Descent


July 19, 2019


It’s such a pleasure to read these magnificent essays. It’s so concise and succinct;  it’s almost poetic. These comments crystallize the feelings of your average white or black American raised with the Christian ethos of brotherhood and Good Will towards ones neighbors. Your traditional American is a Gary Cooper type of character inside. He’s enthusiastic to build, wants to find the right girl, raise a family and be kindly and generous towards his neighbors who may need his help. He’s willing to defend home, family, and country, but the cause must be just (and against evil aggressors; not to ACT as evil aggressors on other people’s land!). However, he isn’t snookered by communist/Marxist society-destroying, religion-destroying, morality-destroying propaganda, masquerading as “liberal,” “Left,”  or “Progressive.” (as heard daily on Marxist propaganda mills like Pacifica radio, especially KPFK radio station out of Los Angeles)

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