The World Center for Organ Trafficking is located in Israel:

The World Center for Organ Trafficking is located in Israel:

Keep donating blood to the Zionist RED CROSS! .. fools.

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Last year, the number of organ transplant surgeries increased by almost 30%. And the number of altruistic donors, willing to give, for example, a kidney for the sake of saving the life of a complete stranger, has significantly increased.

Looking at the active red-haired boy, it’s hard to believe that a few months ago his life was hanging by a thread. Because of the congenital pathology, the lungs of the boy did not grow, but on the contrary – they contracted. Roma is very weak and last year breathed with the help of a special apparatus. The way in children with such a disease is one – organ transplantation. Roma – as his mother says – saved Lesha. A completely unknown 7-year-old boy from another city who died of cancer. Parents decided to give his organs to sick children.
“Sometimes it’s very difficult to explain what motivates people to give up their body, but they think they are doing a useful, good deed that is counted in the future,” says transplant doctor Mikhail Gurevich.

A source. Transplantation in Israel breaks records

So they tell on the Jewish Russian channels.

And here’s what happens in reality. Here they are altruistic donors.

In Turkey, a truly shocking event is taking place, the Turks of non-humans (The Khazarian Empire, origins of today’s satanic jew) are removing organs from the children of Syrian immigrants while they are still alive.

The following video, which was previously removed from YouTube, shows a girl about three years old. The girl screams, as if she knows what will happen when she is carrying two demon men in her arms, apparently, other Turks are demons in the room to remove the organs. In this room are numerous garbage bags with parts of bodies from the corpses of other children killed in the same way.

Looks like Chabad Lubavitch threw some of their own under the bus, so investigations don’t continue… and the stupid Goyim can think that its over.

The Lebanese ad-Diyar newspaper reported that the Turkish authorities transported small children and wounded Syrians who enter Turkey to hospitals in Antalya and Iskenderun in cars controlled by Turkish police and special services.

In the wounded Syrians, after anesthesia, the organs of the body are removed, and then they are killed and left to be buried on the border of Turkey or elsewhere.

As the newspaper testifies, in the European countries this trade for a long time is known. Indeed, Syrian doctors who came from Germany, France and Belgium to take care of the wounded, found that they were going to Turkish hospitals, but faced obstacles to collecting additional information.
The ad-Diyar newspaper emphasizes that the Federal Security Service FSA, Ext, causes large bomb destruction in Syrian hospitals, destroying medical equipment and medical supplies. Therefore, Syrians from the Aleppo region find themselves in Turkish hospitals, ignoring the danger.
What we do not know is how the FSA, in partnership with some Syrian ambulances, is transporting the wounded to hospitals in Turkey, where organs are removed and traded. In many found corpses there are no organs, such as eyes, kidneys, etc.

H ad-Diyar, shows that some Turkish doctors confirmed that out of 60,000 wounded civilians and soldiers brought to Turkey, the bodies were removed from 15,622, whose bodies were sent back to Syria to be buried.

Jewish Child Sex Trafficking and Blood Libel statistics per year

In September 2009, the New York police neutralized a gang of criminals, Jews by nationality, traded in kidnapping and trafficking in organs. The head of this ethnic criminal group, nicknamed “kosher nostra” (“kosher case”) was named Rabbi Levi-Yitzhak Rosenbaum from Brooklyn (New York).

An Interpol investigation showed that Algerian children were abducted in cities in the western regions of Algeria. Then they were transported to Morocco, where the local “surgeons” took the kidneys from the kids. After that, the selected “material” was smuggled across the ocean to Israel, where it was sold at a price of 20 to 100 thousand dollars per kidney.

As a result, five American rabbis, three mayors of cities and two members of the Legislative Assembly of New Jersey were arrested by FBI officers. Arrests were the result of a two-year “intercontinental” investigation – from the United States to Switzerland and Israel – numerous cases of corruption, political blackmail, money laundering and trafficking in human organs.

The medical meaning of the occupation of Ukraine: the “human resource” of the bodies of “Ukrainian goyim”?

According to Bloomberg, organ harvesting occurred in “goyim” from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Moldova, Nicaragua, Peru, Romania, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, South Africa, Ecuador. In 2009, Ukrainian writer Vyacheslav Goodin accused Israel of kidnapping 25,000 Ukrainian children, and a mass demonstration was held near the Israeli Embassy in Kiev under the slogan: “Ukraine is not the Gaza Strip, you can not capture us.” In 2015, the head of the Jewish community of Kharkov Eduard Khodos said that the main result of the “revolution of dignity” is that “306 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada have the right to Israeli citizenship. So are the president, prime minister and speaker. ” Against this background, the seizure of organs among the deceived citizens of the former Ukraine increased sharply. On December 3, 2009, a loud accusation was made in Kiev about kidnapping of Ukrainian children. Ukrainian philosopher and writer Vyacheslav Gudin at a meeting of the Academy accused Israel that over two years more than 25,000 Ukrainian children were victims of “hunting for organs.”

In support of his words, Gudin told the story of a Ukrainian citizen who went to Israel in search of 15 Ukrainian children, who were adopted by local families. According to the source, the children were not found, and the traces of the investigation led him to Israeli hospitals. The children seemed to evaporate. They are nowhere to be found, the latest documentary evidence of Ukrainian babies is lost in … hospitals. Goodin said that this kind of information should be available to all Ukrainians, so that they would learn the truth. What happened to the children, who did it and was supposed to find out the investigation, but the investigation was not conducted by the official bodies, the message on the Israeli sites was erased.
UKRAINE, 2007. In 2007, a scandal broke out in Ukraine, the culprit was the Israeli citizen Michael Zis, accused of “black” transplantology. Zis was detained on October 13, 2007 in Donetsk at the request of law enforcement agencies, accusing him of recruiting donors for the transplantation of human organs. However, this Jewish “businessman” was taken to Israel after the intervention of Yulia Tymoshenko, and after arriving in Tel Aviv, Zis was released. It should be noted that the Jewish “black transplantology” with podelnikami by that time already “got a hand” on the Serbs and Palestinians.
1998-2008, SERBIA, KOSOVO. In Israel, for several decades already active “widely known in narrow circles” and closed to the public market of transplantology, where for a good reward and without any queue, you can change the “worn out body”. This market is particularly active in 1998-99. Sent the seized bodies from the Serbs, which personally was involved and “leader of the democratic party of Kosovo” Hashim Thaci, for his cruelty received the nickname “Serpent”, and then became “prime minister.”
“Laws of the Tsar”: a rabbi from the settlement of Yitzhar allowed to kill goyim and their children

November 9, 2009, 7:41 am

In his new book, Ishak Shapiro, the head of the yeshiva “Yeshoef Khai” yeshiva, asks the question: “When a Jew is allowed to kill goyim (non-Jews)?” And answers it: almost always. Even if we are talking about very young children.

About the book “Torat Melekh” (“Laws of the King”), released in the settlement of Yitzhar, today tells the newspaper “Maariv” (author of the article: Roi Sharon). This scandalous book was also mentioned today in the morning press review on the “Kol Yisrael” radio station.

The book “Laws of the Tsar” can not be found on the shelves of ordinary shops or in catalogs of printed products, however it already received positive reviews from the leaders of the right camp, writes “Maariv”. The first page of the book contains reviews of Rabbis Yitzhak Ginzburg, Dov Lior, Yaakov Yosef and others.

This work is distributed through the Internet, it can also be bought in a yeshiva, headed by Yitzhak Shapiro. According to “Maariva”, a tray with this book is exhibited at public events held by the religious community. In particular, at the end of last week it was sold in Jerusalem at a rally on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. A 230-page “guide to the murder” (this book is called in the “Maarive”) costs only 30 shekels.

“Maariv” notes that the author backs up his conclusions with quotations from Tanakh and the Code of Jewish Laws. He uses the work of Rabbis Shaul Israel and Cook.

The author begins with a reminder that there is a ban on killing gentiles, but very soon he goes on to consider the situations in which it is allowed to do so. He reminds us that a Jew must follow the observance of the Seven Commandments of Noah’s sons. “When we kill a goy that violated the commandment, there is no prohibition on this,” the author writes, and further emphasizes that murder in this case is possible only after a relevant judicial decision.
The murder of a non-Jew, according to the rabbi, is also possible if he “poses a threat to the people of Israel.” , It is necessary to kill the “goya” even when it is a question of “a non-Jewish righteous person of peace”.
The rabbi also says that a non-Jew can be killed if it is killed a Jew.

Finally, Yitzhak Shapiro examines the situation in which it is permitted to kill “children of evildoers.” He says that this can be done when they grow up. It is permissible to kill the children of non-Jewish leaders in order to increase the pressure on their parents, the book says.
The Ma’ariv newspaper notes that Yitzhak Shapiro never uses the word “Arab” or “Palestinian” in his book. But in the newspaper there is a phrase: “The one who is in the subject, he will understand.”

The publication in “Maarive” has already sparked a heated discussion on the Israeli Internet forums. Some commentators accuse the journalists of this publication. Others say that Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro speaks only in his own name, and very few Jewish believers agree with his conclusions.

Although the Ma’ariv newspaper claims that the book of Yitzhak Shapiro can be ordered via the Internet, it is not so easy to do. Yeshiva “Od Josef Hai” does not have a website. In the Internet libraries with religious literature in Hebrew, indeed, there is the book “Torat Melekh”, but it has other authors, volume and content.
Former minister of internal security and ex-Shabak head Avi Dichter said today on the radio station Reshet Bet that law enforcement agencies are obliged to investigate the activities of Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro and take.

Video source:

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    Jews are not and never have been Hebrew Israelites they are imposters who on judgement day shall be thrown into the lake of fire with the one they serve the devil. They hate blacks because they know we are the true people of Yahweh and what was once ours shall be ours again.

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    Christianity is based in the New Testament, not the Old Testament where these Satanic Stories and Myths reside.

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    Christ came and made a new covenant, and He is the end of the law for them that believe; however that old still stands to judge them that reject Him. But according to Scripture, Christ will return TO Israel, the Jerusalem, and a remnant of those there will be saved. And scripture still calls the Jews and Israel, though they are under wrath, rejecting Christ.

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      Sorry but your talking about bibles that have been fudged by judaism.
      If you want to have a discussion about real christianity, then you need to refer to the original greek bible. Did you know genuine Hebrew israelites are greek, and the hebrew language derived from the greek language, before the Khazarian Empire (Jews) converted Hebrewism into Judaism

      LOOK! at the greek letters in this old ancient Hebrew pages.. Even back then the Jews (Amalek Edomites) loved Satanism!

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    This Pastor explains about the genuine greek bible.

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    But God

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    Israel is not a pile of dirt, it is not some land that is linked to biblical archaeology. Do you think these things impress God, you are a fool to believe so.

    True Israel is where Spirit and Truth abide!

    Christ testified the kingdom of God, His Government, lives from within, inside you. God does not manifest His spiritual kingdom through Worldly Kings and Queens. It was the system of kings and queens that put the Son of God to death.

    Manipulative words of deception hold zero value in Gods eyes

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    the reason why christ came down was not because God loved israel, but because it was the most evil wicked place on the planet.

    The evil Amalek Edomite Jews made it that way.

    Christ tried to turn the Jews from Satanism into Peace loving beings… but they ofcourse refused.

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    All the “believing” people want is to hate hate hate,, they are their own so called “satan”…

    It is simple, just take a breath, live and love -,- no spread for hate…

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    God bless everyone except of jewish subhumans
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    dobry żyd to martwy żyd

    a good Jew is a dead Jew
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