The ski resort of Vigla – Pisoderi in Florina


Most of the ski resorts and villages in northern Greece’s mountainous regions woke up on Wednesday under a thick white blanket of fresh snow.

Ski resorts and villages in the counties of Imathia, Florina, Kozani, and Grevena as well as other locales in the central and northern parts of the country saw extensive snowfall, particularly during the early morning hours of Wednesday.

The ski resort of 3-5 Pigadia in Naoussa received more than 40 centimeters (16 inches) of snow, with even larger amounts of snow being seen in the high altitudes around Florina, West Macedonia.

This was the first proper snow that has fallen for this winter season in most of these ski resorts, which are now getting ready to welcome their first skiers before Christmas.

The sudden heavy, wet snowfall was a result of the weather front “Dido” which has affected most regions of Greece with strong winds and large amounts of precipitation.

The weather is expected to gradually brighten up beginning on Thursday.

Crew from the 3-5 Pigadia ski resort on Mount Vermio near Naoussa plow the roads around the premises.