Thirsty Koala Runs Out Onto Road to Beg Passing Cyclist for a Drink of Water, and the Video Goes Viral

Every once in a while, humans and animals from the wild experience close encounters and the results are mesmerizing. This time, such an incredible video of a cyclist from Australia named Anna Heusler and her crew was posted online and it stole the hearts of many.

With the raging bushfires that struck Australia, many animals were left without their natural habitat, and over half a million of them lost their lives.

As Anna was cycling around Adelaide, South Australia, a thirsty and scared koala ran out onto her and her friends and it looked like she was begging for some water. With the temperatures as high as 42° C (108° F) on that December day, it wasn’t surprising the animal turned to humans for help.

“We stopped the bikes to help the koala get off the road otherwise they get hit by cars,” Anna told CNN.

“[T]he koala walked up to me very quickly, he was obviously very thirsty,” she said. “As I was giving him a drink from our water bottles, he climbed up into my bike.”

The video shows the sweet koala drinking water from Anna’s bottle.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” one of the other cyclists could be heard saying.

“We gave him as much as we could and then made sure he was off the road and back to safety,” Heusler told 7 News Sunrise.

As most of the continent’s territory is affected, the safe havens for many animals among which koalas, the Kangaroo Island, wasn’t spared either.

“Certainly, their population liability [on the island] would have crashed for many of these species and their risk of extinction has been substantially increased,” said professor John Woinarski at Charles Darwin University speaking of the severity of the situation.

TOPSHOT – The afternoon sky glows red from bushfires in the area around the town of Nowra in the Australian state of New South Wales on December 31, 2019. – Thousands of holidaymakers and locals were forced to flee to beaches in fire-ravaged southeast Australia on December 31, as blazes ripped through popular tourist areas leaving no escape by land. (Photo by SAEED KHAN / AFP) (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

As many are doing their best to help put the fires under control by donating, Hustler too used the video of the thirsty koala to draw attention to the need of helping the animals affected.

“There’s nothing but tragedy in Australia. It’s burning out of control,” she told CNN. “I hope this episode helps spread awareness. The firefighters are the real heroes, not me.”

Until now, Anna raised over $130,000 for the Adelaide Koala Rescue. On her GoFundMe page she said how this rescue center “is doing an incredible job of rescuing and caring for over 110 koalas that have been injured in the Adelaide Hills bushfires and/or suffering from dehydration.”

We are all still praying for the animals who lost their homes to the devastating bushfires. Sadly for the koalas, around 30% of their natural habitat has already been destroyed and according to the Australia’s Environment Minister finding the koalas new homes would be a real challenge.

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