This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!

BLACK JEFFERSON AND WASHINGTON IN HAMILTONLook how they get away with all this lying BS, day-in, day-out. Extremely well-paid lefty traitor Charlie Rose pushed this crap on CBS’s “60 Minutes” like it was so great.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Are you angry, WHITE people, yet? Well, you ought to be. The White-haters are busy turning our lands inside out and more perverted by the day. They want to turn the White race into a powerless, spat-upon minority, totally twisted up in the head. Why? Because they can, that’s why. They know they can scream “RACIST,” the minute any of us speaks out. Hell, they actively work to silence and censor us anywhere, should we dare.

America was the creation of brilliant WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN. They don’t like that fact one bit. Never have. They fully realize blacks have never been responsible for any real civilization or big thinking anywhere on the planet, including Africa. Now they got to go and make crap up. And then act like we won’t notice.

OK, so they used slave labor building the White House and picking cotton. Like, BFD. And so what if a few of them can speak without using idiot Ghetto Ebonics on TV or at work, where they replaced a much more capable White person due to Affirmative Action — a racist anti-White effort to install them in power over us. Pay attention and you’ll see that’s exactly the deal. Us WHITES are getting totally ripped-off.

That doesn’t give them the right to rewrite the history of our race. The WHITE race. The greatest race to ever walk the planet. Everybody knows it. That’s why they hate us so much — because they were not born WHITE! Notice how those called “good looking” usually have WHITE, Caucasian features, because of stolen WHITE genetics. Tell you anything?

They also don’t like the Second Amendment because of all the homies shooting each other like crazy in our now trashed, practically Third World cities (this July the 4th weekend, dozens will die in the streets of CHIMP-chago over dime bags and chicken bones). Blacks can’t handle having guns because so many of them are criminals and just plain violent wackos, who would kill you in a second over nothing and then laugh about it.

The right to bear arms was written into the Constitution so us WHITE citizens could put a stop to a takeover of the country by evil Tyrants, both foreign or domestic, as well as protecting our WHITE families from the daily criminal behavior of blacks.

evil white woman harasses black girl, hispanic saves the day

The above screen capture shows the headline from the news feed, but the story has a video embedded where you can easily see it’s a black girl on the right and the evil woman was White.

Anti-White BS exists all over the media, like the pissant story I saw on my Internet news feed today where they showed this black girl illegally selling candy outside a Target store when an older White woman asked her if she had permission.

In the story, they embedded a local TV news video where the reporter and the now required dual black and White station anchors made it out like the old White woman was so evil and harassing a poor innocent black kid for no reason (spoiled blacks now think they can do whatever the hell they want to anywhere these days).

A militant Hispanic guy “saves the day” by purchasing her way over-priced candy. I bet her baby daddy stole it all somewhere (he refused to talk on camera — a sure sign he ripped it off in the first place). “Good Samaritan” Hispanic guy tells the TV reporter it was probably because of racism the White woman was questioning the poor black child. Video editors back at the station made sure to include the Hispanic guy saying that.

Oh, of course it was. It’s always WHITES who are the baddies. Are you not sick and tired of this BS by now?

Or how about People magazine cover story this week where they have a WHITE couple under suspicion for killing their child on a camping trip, when the child may have simply fell into a reservoir or lost in the woods (it could easily have happened). The police haven’t even charged the couple yet, but People magazine felt free as a bird to splash their faces all over the national cover as if they were responsible. Why? Because they are WHITE of course.

How often do blacks crazily kill someone in their family, including kids? All the time. Some wacko black chick, probably gone nuts on crack, bloodily hacked to death with a butcher knife all four of her children under the age of five just the other day in Memphis, Tennessee. So what picture does the media use to illustrate the story on my national news feed? A police car parked out front (the media does this trick all the time). Absolutely no shots of the perp or the kids. You could only guess it was a black by the woman’s name (Shanynthia Gardner).

Total bull caca going down these days, folks. Total.

Hell, the White-haters are still broadcasting weekly documentaries on the Manson family and that crime happened about a million years ago. Ask a friend if they ever heard of the Zebra murders in San Francisco — not ZODIAC but Zebra. Zodiac was a White guy and they’ve done tons on him and he killed only a handful compared to a giant BLACK Muslim conspiracy to kill random Whites on the streets that resulted in at least 30 innocent WHITE murder victims, but probably much more (police say it was over 70).

Let’s see a big “History” Channel documentary on that! But I’m not holding my breath.

Let’s put a stop to the stinking bastards: Make a vow alongside me this July 4th holiday to make it your duty every day to spread the word among fellow WHITE people about these backstabber creeps attacking the WHITE race!

And, oh yes, arm the ef up — we’re probably going to have to have another White-led revolution in America to put a stop to these commie punks!

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