This is How a Modern Woman Passes Her Day

This filthy whore Abigail Ratchford posted this retarded video to Instagram.

It features her face with a mask and her fake tits. Nothing more.

In fact, all of her Instagram photos and videos are the same: bikini body shots with slut-face duck lips.

You get the idea.

These kook-brained modern women claim that they don’t want to be objectified as sexual objects, but then upload the most degrading slut-world pornographic photos imaginable to the internet and bask in the avalanche of male lust in the comments section.

The fact that bimbos like this can make a nice living camwhoring says it all about the dismal state of our society.

50 years ago, shameless harlots like this would have been ridiculed into suicide. But today, cock-hungry whores like Abigail Ratchford are praised, glorified, and paid handsomely to slut-it-up on the radioactively cancerous website Instagram.

Is this even a real human or a sex robot?

So long as society rewards harlotry of this type, the harlots will continue milking their fake, plastic-surgery looks on the internet.

But Abigail Ratchford is not unlike many, if not most, modern women these days. Each day, your average woman takes dozens of selfies and uploads them to a variety of satanic social media websites looking for compliments and validation from thirsty beta orbiters. This is how your average female boosts her feeble self-esteem. Otherwise she’d be an alcoholic, depressed, suicidal train wreck.

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