This is What a Female “Intellectual” Looks Like

When you allow females to become “intellectuals,” this is what you get.

Abigail Saguy.

Abigail Saguy is a disturbed professor of “Gender Studies” at UCLA.

As you can imagine, Saguy is obsessed with all matters gender, race and social norms and is dedicated to deconstructing them in every conceivable way in order to incite maximum entropy in society.

She wants people to be fat, gender confused homosexuals.

From her website, we get the gist of her philosophy.

While people used to conceal the fact that they were gay or lesbian to protect themselves from stigma and discrimination, it is now commonplace for people to “come out” and encourage others to do so as well. Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are systematically examines how coming out has moved beyond gay and lesbian rights groups and how different groups wrestle with the politics of coming out in their efforts to resist stigma and enact social change. It shows how different experiences and disparate risks of disclosure shape these groups’ collective strategies. Through scores of interviews with LGBTQ+ people, undocumented immigrant youth, fat acceptance activists, Mormon fundamentalist polygamists, and sexual harassment lawyers and activists in the era of the #MeToo movement, Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are explains why so many different groups gravitate toward the term coming out. By focusing on the personal and political resonance of coming out, it provides a novel way to understand how identity politics work in America today.

With Juliet A. Williams and support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), I am investigating how the concept of gender neutrality has been employed in the courts, in the news media, and in political activism on topics including gender-neutral restrooms, gender-neutral pronouns, gender-neutral parental leave policies, and gender-neutral parenting movements. To date, Professor Williams and I have published papers in the academic journals Signs and in Law & Society Review (with Mallory Rees). We have also published an op-ed on gender-neutral pronouns and a second op-ed on the topic (with Robin Dembroff and Daniel Wodak) in reply to a response to that original op-ed. We will publish additional articles and ultimately a book from this project.

The United States, we are told, is facing an obesity epidemic–a “battle of the bulge” of not just national, but global proportions–that requires drastic and immediate action. Experts in the media, medical science, and government alike are scrambling to find answers. What or who is responsible for this fat crisis, and what can we do to stop it? 

Abigail Saguy argues that these fraught and frantic debates obscure a more important question: How has fatness come to be understood as a public health crisis at all? Why, she asks, has the view of “fat” as a problem–a symptom of immorality, a medical pathology, a public health epidemic–come to dominate more positive framings of weight–as consistent with health, beauty, or a legitimate rights claim–in public discourse? Why are heavy individuals singled out for blame? And what are the consequences of understanding weight in these ways? 

What’s Wrong with Fat? presents each of the various ways in which fat is understood in America today, examining the implications of understanding fatness as a health risk, disease, and epidemic, and revealing why we’ve come to understand the issue in these terms, despite considerable scientific uncertainty and debate. Saguy shows how debates over the relationship between body size and health risk take place within a larger, though often invisible, contest over whether we should understand fatness as obesity at all. Moreover, she reveals that public discussions of the “obesity crisis” do more harm than good, leading to bullying, weight-based discrimination, and misdiagnoses. 

In France, a common notion is that the shared interests of graduate students and their professors could lead to intimate sexual relations, and that regulations curtailing those relationships would be both futile and counterproductive. By contrast, many universities and corporations in the United States prohibit sexual relationships across hierarchical lines and sometimes among coworkers, arguing that these liaisons should have no place in the workplace. In this age of globalization, how do cultural and legal nuances translate? And when they differ, how are their subtleties and complexities understood? In comparing how sexual harassment—a concept that first emerged in 1975—has been defined differently in France and the United States, Abigail Saguy explores not only the social problem of sexual harassment but also the broader cultural concerns of cross-national differences and similarities.

She’s got all the bases covered there. She wrote a book encouraging deviant homosexuals to continue their crusade to push faggotry as cultural hegemony, another one for fat acceptance and a third breaking down the frivolous made-up concept of “sexual harassment” in the workplace. She also studies the use of “preferred pronouns” by gender confused mentally ill weirdos. Some real hard-nosed academic stuff, folks.

As you can see, when you allow a woman to become an “intellectual,” she immediately clings to frivolous and specious nonsense. She urgently takes up kook-brained Marxist theories trying to deconstruct gender, race, and social norms that have kept us sane and healthy for centuries. She’s following in the footsteps of all her Cultural Marxist Jewish heroes from the Frankfurt School who got the ball rolling in this Jewish racial crusade to decimate Western civilization.

You don’t imagine that this woman is Jewish, do you?

Jesus Christ! If this woman is not Jewish, then I have a bridge to sell you in Manhattan.

Jewish females tend to be the leaders of this particular pack of “intellectual” charlatans dispensing poison to college students. But it just so happens that the majority of female “intellectuals” – Jewish and not – are clogging up these deviant fields of unabridged Marxist deconstruction theory. These harlots are making a nice living spinning harebrained theories about why pussies must receive privileges, how people with dark-colored skin, bulging nostrils, kinky hair and a penchant for crime deserve unlimited free gibs and handouts, and why white men must step down and let this kinky multiracial gender neutral horde take over.

These “intellectual” women provide us with a good argument for barring women from entering universities entirely, from “educating” them at all. What purpose does educating women serve when all they seem to do is turn around and throw steaming piles of radioactive dogshit on their own culture and society and try to annihilate normalcy with deconstructionist Marxist theories of intersectional hierarchical oppression of AIDS-spreading queers and negroes?

Women are not benefiting our society by being educated. They are weaponizing their education to further a socio-cultural Jewish psy-war against the white race.

In simple terms, all women should be banned from the universities. We would all be better off if that were the case, women included.

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