Tiny Kitten is So Affectionate That She Wins Over German Shepherd’s Friendship

This is the story of how a German Shepherd and a cat became best of friends.

One would say that canines and felines never get along, but many people who own both would argue against this common belief. Although it’s true that it’s in their nature not to love one another, cats and dogs do bond every now and then and their unlike friendships always reminds us that nothing is ever impossible.

When the family of Beck, a German Shepherd, brought a new inhabitant in the house, he wasn’t really thrilled with the choice. Who knows, maybe if it saw a little puppy, he would welcome it with excitement. But to his surprise, his new sibling was a kitten.

How did they know Beck wasn’t happy? Well, he refused to get closer and just sat at the corner.

However, Bleu, the lovely kitten, was determined to gain the dog’s love no matter what it took. So she undertook a mission of becoming best friends with Beck.

Over time, as Beck realized that Bleu won’t stop trying being his pal, he decided to give her a chance. To his surprise, the little kitten was fun to be around. So, Beck let her jump around him, play with his ears, and give him a bunch of licks.

The two played whenever they could and the family was overjoyed their pets bonded so perfectly.

Beck and Bleu even started sharing their food and their bed. Seeing them sleep together, snuggled into one another, was so heartwarming that their human family knew they had to share the photos with the rest of the world.

Bleu is now all grown up, but she still enjoys being around the gentle giant who makes her so happy.

The sweetest thing about the friendship between these two is that Beck never says no to Bleu’s wishes. Even if he’s not into playing, he still lets his little pal horse around and bug him.

Watch the video to see how these two spend their days together.

Source Article from https://weloveanimals.me/tiny-kitten-is-so-affectionate-that-she-wins-over-german-shepherds-friendship/

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