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Tom Grauer: Jewish Leader of The Paedophile Movement

The Jews never rest from their schemes and corruption. They always seek to violate and abrogate more and more norms of decency, until Gentile society descends into a state of utter barbarism, at which point the Jew feels himself most at ease, having removed all manner of opposition to himself, and having humiliated his hosts and taken down their will to live. No moral code is above the Jew’s scrutiny and (((critique))); no law can ever be seen as holy in his beady, dark eyes, except the laws he makes for himself.

But, inhuman as the Jew is, he is not dull-headed. Satan’s Chosen People constantly evolve novel strategies to bring degeneracy and sin into the societies they parasitize. The crafty Jews, unencumbered by any sense of morality, free of the very emotional inhibitions that distinguish the human race from the lower animals, pursue their unholy strategies with great ingenuity. Indeed, one has to marvel at just how intricate and elaborate some of their trickery is.

The latest scheme concocted by our eternal nemesis is the abolition of all rules regulating sexual conduct in White society, starting with pedophilia. The Jews would like nothing more than to see our vulnerable White girls, and even our innocent White boys, sold into sexual slavery for eternity and beyond. The sex-mad Hebrew, surpassing in viciousness even the Arab and the Negro, seeks to overturn the very prohibition against rape. And right next to pedophilia and rape, stands advocacy for necrophilia and cannibalism. The Jew’s ultimate liberty is our own downfall into Hellfire.

This is where the Jews want all of us to be in.

The Jew, fortunately for us, always has a name and a face to him. While the Jews always act as a united collective, it is through individual members of that collective that Jewish Operations — JOPs, for short — are carried out. And while all of the Jews are on the same side (their own side, vis-a-vis White society), not every Jew takes part in every JOP – that would be too logistically complicated even for this race of crooks and conmen. Rather, specific Jews are assigned specific JOPs according to their best ability and “talents.” The individual Jew chosen by the Kabbal to run the pro-paedophilia and anti-morality scheme is an Israeli one, named Tom Grauer.

Tom Grauer is a 23-year-old Jew from Zionist-occupied Palestine (“Israel”). He claims to be a happily married father — more on that implausible and obviously fake persona later — who, for some reason, one day decided to start a blog that is, in his own words, “dedicated to the legalization of rape, pedophilia, and child prostitution.” Grauer posts with high frequency the most vile, sick things imaginable on his blog, yet somehow (pure cohencidence), he has become the “official leader” of a so-called Men’s Movement, a disingenuous euphemism now used by the Paedophile Movement to disguise its true colors. Actually, given the individuals involved, it’s not at all surprising that this Hebraic Demon has become their leader.

As usual, the Jew lacks originality and creative faculty. He cannot create a thing of his own, and has to resort to “borrowing” (robbing) from his neighbors – near and distant alike. In Grauer’s case, his entire “plot” is copied from the playbook of the infamous Andrew Anglin, also known as Agent Anglin. Or rather, both Anglin and Grauer operate according the same “script” given to them by their (((handlers))). However one chooses to interpret the similarities, their magnitude and multitude leave no room for doubt – this is a Jewish Operation through and through. The names, the titles, the headings, the visual style, the writing style, and often the subject matters, are eerily identical.

What is The Paedophile Movement and Who’s Behind it?

The Paedo Movement, which falsely brands itself as the “Men’s Movement,” is composed of all those perverts, sickos, degenerates, creeps, psychopaths, and Jews, who wish to do away with any and all forms of sexual morality, particularly as it pertains to the protection of youth. Quite simply, the Paedo Movement seeks to legalize all sexual crimes, and naturally, possesses an exceptional zeal for legalization of child-abuse. If you’re under the impression that this is an exaggerated or otherwise inaccurate account, keep reading – what you’ll discover will shock you to the marrow of your bones.

Let’s begin our journey into the darkest pit in Hell by examining the various Jews and Shabbos Goyim who make-up the Paedo Movement. Herein is an overview of the 5 most prominent figures in charge of the Child Abuse Movement, the individuals who best illustrate the nature of the beast:

Tom Grauer: this ratfaced Jew is the undisputed head of the child-rape movement. Grauer has been running his blog, The Daily Antifeminist, since December 2017. Within three months, he has swept over the hitherto dormant Paedo Movement and revivified its rotting carcass. Prior to Grauer’s takeover of the Paedo Movement, it has been characterized by a low-profile and a relative lack of enthusiasm. Its members mostly kept in the dark, rarely crawling out of their hiding places to tell the world that they are still looking out for opportunities to molest kids. Grauer, on the other hand, is pursuing the high-profile and vitriolic strategy that has become the trademark of Agent Anglin. A self-proclaimed “troll,” Grauer often brags about the myriads of sexual crimes he has committed — such as possession of abuse images and molestation of little girls — and gives advise to his followers on how to avoid conviction for such crimes. His presentation and manner of engaging his readers are copied down to a T from Anglin’s.

He thinks his "smug pepe" impersonation is funny.
Tom Grauer wants to use Anglin’s trolling methods to legalize paedophilia and rape.

Eivind Berge: a Norwegian man, possibly Jewish as well, although that is unconfirmed, and a former “incel” (a term denoting “involuntary celibate,” often used by woman-haters to explain away the personal failings and inadequacies that lead the fairer sex to pass up on them), Berge has been blogging since December 2007, initially focusing on his own sexual misadventures, then gradually transitioning to promotion of child abuse and even rape advocacy. Berge’s rhetoric is often replete with hatefulness for women, although he styles himself as a “non-misogynist.” His blog, named after himself, contains long comment threads where the commentators discuss their assorted grievances and the occasional misogyny-driven terrorist plot, a la George Sodini and Elliot Rodgers. Berge, however, maintains that he is against violence on principle (excluding sexual violence against children, which, needless to say, he enthusiastically supports), so he usually deletes the terrorist threats after a day or two. Altogether unsavory and unsympathetic, Berge has become a fixture in the Paedo Movement, though he claims to be merely a “political pedophile” rather than an active child abuser. Yeah, right. It was Berge who first crowned Grauer as the leader of their movement.

This "Norwegian" sure is rat-faced.
Eivind Berge: is he a real White Man, or a crypto-Jew?

The Anti-Feminist: an old and never-married British man, again suspected as Jewish, TAF maintains a wide audience of readers, mostly lecherous men in their late 40s and 50s, who are primarily interested in bitterly complaining about older women while extolling the virtues of, i.e. leering at videos and images of, pubescents. While his blog is rather inactive, his posts still receive high applause from all corners of the so-called Paedosphere, a term used by those paedophiles who had decided that the old Manosphere has not been accommodating enough towards their sick perversions, so they split off from it and created their own niche. Like Berge, TAF also has embraced Grauer as the head of their movement.

Tom Victor O’Carroll: this infamous British man, who does not seem to be Jewish, has been imprisoned for his numerous sexual crimes against children, and is now one of the most popular “boy-lover” bloggers in the Paedosphere. (“Boy-lovers” are the homosexual paedophiles) O’Carroll essentially leads the homosexual wing of the Paedosphere, and is indisputably the most well-known of the child-abuse advocates. O’Carrol does not usually engage in the sensationalist style of Grauer and his followers, but rather, he prefers the mild-mannered, soft-spoken approach to child-abuse promotion. On his blog, O’Carroll mostly posts academic articles that — so he has delusionally convinced himself and his fellow pederasts — support his evil desires. Let there be no doubt, the academic papers which he cites, often written by Jewish “professors,” could only support his vile ideology after the methodology, the numbers, and the results are tortured and twisted to make them appear to show something that simply isn’t there. The convicted criminal O’Carroll is not someone you’d want moving in to your neighborhood.

Tom O'Carroll is a monster.
Chief homosexual paedophile, the convicted criminal Tom O’Carroll.

Holocaust21: like TAF, he is another pseudonymous blogger, and he is highly suspected as Jewish, given his incessant referencing of a “holocaust” that is supposedly perpetrated against abusive and degenerate men like himself. He never bothers to explain how it could be that there are so many paedophiles in society, many holding high positions in the government, the media, Hollywood, and even finance, while supposedly there is a “holocaust” ongoing against them; then again, the Jews have never bothered to explain why there are so many so-called “survivors” from the alleged “holocaust” if the supposed National Socialist extermination campaign was as brutal as these hoaxers claim it was. (((Holocaust21))) is a striking example of the old Polish proverb: the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you!

The Anglin Connection

Before delving into Grauer’s aberrant Judaic ideology and the outrageous and outright criminal materials he has put down in writing on his blog, one unmistakable aspect of this Yiddish scheme which must be looked into is its close similarity to Agent Anglin’s own Jewish scheme. (Anglin himself is probably not a Heeb by blood, but his site operator, Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, certainly is.) If one didn’t know any better, one would assume that Grauer has simply been following Anglin’s “Daily Stormer” for a while, and copied his “model” for his own distinct purposes. That, however, is an inadequate explanation for the connection between the two operations. The rapidity with which both individuals rose from anonymity to e-celeb status, the preoccupation with illegal sexual relations — as noted here, Anglin is himself a definite paedopile — and the modus operandi of provocation-reaction-escalation, all point towards it being a joint Jewish Operation (JOP) intended to psychologically manufacture certain results. In a sense, Anglin and Grauer are two sides of the same shekel: Anglin is the covert, “non-Jewish” face of pedophilia normalization, sneaking it in in-between (((alt-right))) content, while Grauer is the overt, fully Semitic facet of the program, openly calling for “pedosexuality” to become an inalienable “human right.”

Even their personal narratives are oddly similar. Anglin claims that he arrived “just in time” in order to “save” the so-called (((alt-right))) from collapsing under the weight of its own nonsense; similarly, Grauer argues that without him the Paedophile Movement wouldn’t even exist. This kind of self-centered megalomania is typical of malignant narcissists and psychopaths, a narrative that is the hallmark of all glib con-men and scam artists. Lastly, both individuals seem to lack any sense of self-awareness, engaging in reckless conduct that befits only the mentally twisted.

Anglin the notorious.
Agent Anglin is not only a role-model for Grauer; they work for the same (((team))).
Grauer’s Madness in His Own Words

The Jew’s poison is always, ultimately, his own undoing. By exposing to the light the venom that this creature has been spewing, it becomes possible to counter it and finally disinfect ourselves from it. The first post on his blog, titled “Why I Created This Blog,” lays out his goals (legalization and normalization of child abuse and sex crimes in general) and his strategy (vitriolic writing intended to “desensitize” the readers to his abominable ideas). Due to the high frequency with which he posts his vile screeds, it’s preferable not to go over each and every one of his posts, but to focus on those that are the most demonstrative of the detestable and Judaic nature of this proud Zionist criminal. Furthermore, there are not enough vomit bags in the entire world to contain the upturned stomachs that may results from reading every horrendous thing this individual has written. It suffices to analyse the 5 that are the most revolting (it’s difficult to determine which are the vilest, as they’re all awfully disgusting).

screenshot 1 from Grauer's blog
A typical screenshot taken from Grauer’s blog.

A word of warning before reading onward: these are some of the most perverse writings to ever be published. The easily-upset reader may want to skip this part.

In his “I Don’t Mind the Boylovers But They Should Let us Do the Propaganda,” Grauer wrote the following:

If you, the boylover, want to have sex with boys — pubescent or prepubescent — I don’t give a fuck, and I certainly don’t want you to go to jail for it. As far as I’m concerned, you should have the right to, say, go to Africa or Thailand or the nearest orphanage, and literally buy a bunch of boys for the explicit purpose of having anal sex with them on a daily basis. Sexual slavery is the best kind of slavery, in my opinion.

This is unadulterated psychopathy. What kind of a monster possesses — much less writes under his own name — such loathsome views? It boggles the mind that, even among the lowliest of creatures, the Jews, there are individuals brazen enough to spread this kind of depraved wickedness without inhibition. Where’s the empathy? Where’s the humanness? These are conspicuous in their absence. Truly, no low could ever be low enough for these scumbags. They want our children raped and tormented out of sheer sadism and malice. And unfortunately, Jewish sociopaths such as Grauer are gaining a following. Where is the world going to?

From the blog of "Oogenhand," another twisted Jew.
Look whom Grauer perceives as his role-model. Anyone surprised?

And Grauer stays true to Anglin’s methods. Like his internetic mentor, Grauer is using his corky and dark humor to spread his evil ideology and endear it to his audience. The Jews have long used “comedy” to instill in the White Gentile population a “sense of tolerance” for all that is debauched and degenerate (e.g. Will & Grace) while at the same time fostering an acute aversion to anything healthy and wholesome. Grauer’s JOP is but the latest Semitic step on the road to the Jewish-orchestrated Gehena of Satan. Here is an example of that infamous Jewish “comedy” taken from Grauer’s post titled “Groping is Not an Olympic Sport But It Should Be, and Larry Nassar Deserves a Gold Medal”:

For his professionalism, dedication, performance, and high-score, Larry Nassar has won the World Championship in Grope and received a gold medal for it, which is considered the most prestigious kind of gold medal due to the immense risks involved in participation in the sport (jail, angry boyfriends, angry fathers, etc.). The sport of Grope is not particularly physically exerting but, being globally recognized as the most dangerous Olympic sport, today many men and even a few women in America celebrate the grandiose achievement of Larry “One Man Grope-ocaust” Nassar.

Nassar’s performance is remarkable all the more due the ages of the grope-receivers he has groped; it is claimed that he “reached levels of hebephilia that were hitherto unheard of.” A score that future contestants would be hard pressed — and hard pressing — to top. Personally, I yearn for the day when grope is legalized, so that I too would be inclined to take part in this great tradition. Let me tell you: when all sex crimes become legal, it’ll only be a matter of time before I’ll “go groping.”

While the whole world has been shocked and dismayed by the revelations regarding Dr. Larry Nassar’s grave abuse towards hundreds of White girls who never harmed anyone, Grauer saw this news item as another opportunity to advocate for “grope [being] legalized.” The chutzpah here known no bounds. Lacking any sense of right and wrong, the “morality” of the Jews is the very definition of immorality among humanity. Israel is a nation of cold-blooded devils.

screenshot number 2
Grauer often addresses the (((alt-right))) in his writing, because they seem to make for a large segment of his readership.

Another example of Grauer’s “humorous” psychopathy is found here, in a post titled “My Dream Job is Child Pornographer”:

I’d like to watch prepubescents, pubescents, and adolescents performing the wildest sex acts on camera, be it through the eye of the camera as a cameraman, or through my naked eyes as the stage manager  – and get paid for it big bucks. Had it not been illegalized by the Anglospheric Puritan-Feminists who have taken over the world, child pornography could have become one of the most profitable businesses out there.

Here is evident one of Grauer’s most disingenuous contentions: that it is not Jews like himself, but “Anglo-American Puritans,” who run all of the governments of the world. The absolute inversion of reality involved in this lie is truly remarkable; it’s almost fantastic, in the sense that it’s hard to imagine that anyone could present such an argument with a straight-face without bursting into uproarious laughter as a result of the stark falsity and absurdity thereof. Yet, these “Anglo-American Puritans” who “rule the world” feature very prominently all over Grauer’s pit of doom. It actually would have been “funny,” had it not been used as a nefarious scheme to promote paedophilic perversity, molestation, and harm. The Jew seeks to root-out off of life every beautiful and natural thing, and to replace them with pain, trauma, and death. For the Jews, light equals darkness, and darkness – light.

The Daily Antifeminist is copying from The Daily Stormer.
Thank you so much for inspiring this, Agent Anglin.

Grauer’s odious (lack of) personality is most clearly discernable in the post titled “Rape Must be Legal, Here’s Why,” a real masterpiece of horror and perniciousness. In this post, Grauer has really outdone himself in his quest to be the most repugnant individual to have ever lived; even the paedophile blogger Jim Donald has not reached this degree of malevolence, and that’s indeed quite an “achievement.” Here is Grauer’s institutionalized child-rape system in all its wretchedness:

If a female is younger than 8, and you want to fuck her, then you must have the permission of the male authority who owns her: a father, a husband, or another male relative. If for some reason no man owns her, perhaps because she’s an orphan or whatever, then you can rape her at will.

If a woman is 8 or older, and you want to fuck her, then either she is married and you have to ask permission to fuck her from her husband (and why would you? men don’t usually agree to becoming cuckolds), or she is not married, meaning she is under no one’s authority, being no one’s property — because the hitherto recognized authority of fathers or other male relatives no longer applies after reaching that age — and, therefore, she is “fair game” and you can fuck her at will.

An 8-year-old woman ceases to be the property of her blood family; she can only belong to a husband. Otherwise, if there’s no husband to own her, she doesn’t legally belong to anyone – RAPE HER ALL YOU LIKE.

These are the “people” who abducted and sold out our daughters to the Saracen terrorists in the White Slave Trade, and they are at it again. The Jew never learns his lesson and never changes a single habit of his; he’s incapable of doing that and, therefore, irredeemable. Grauer’s totalitarian girl-rape advocacy represents, and is in a sense a distillation of, the historical Jewish attitude towards young “shiksas.” No mercy, no remorse, no pity. Only abuse, subjugation, exploitation, and endless sorrow. That is the Jew’s tried-and-tested modus operandi in all his relations with White society. Read these lines written by this malignant Jew, and you will get a sense of why our ancestors, in their superior wisdom, repeatedly kept banishing these “people” out of our homelands. They knew what the Jew’s real nature is, and it is nigh time that we re-learn the truth about our Semitic persecutors and violators. The hour is getting darker than ever before.

Finally, witness Grauer’s callousness in its most nauseous from a post titled “Make Testosterone Great Again (By Legalizing Rape)”:

Far from constituting a “problem,” rape is an integral ingredient of the solution. 90% of social ills would be gone with this one simple trick. Everything falls into place when there is no law in the book of laws that says “a man can’t compel a woman to fuck him.” There shouldn’t be any such laws, whatsoever.

Rape is good. And raping 12-year-olds is perfect.

This is peak Jew right over here. The very essence of the Jewish Problem is revealed before us as we peer into the soulless void that is the “Jewish ethical system.” The question is begged: why are we allowing these “people” (more like brood of vipers) into our society?

At this point, there is no need to quote any more revolting passages written by the repulsive and ignoble Devil. Enough is enough.

Grauer’s Fake Persona Suggests He’s a Mossad Operative

The case for Grauer’s connection to Mossad is as solid as a diamond. Tom Grauer has openly bragged about his illegal involvement in abuse images here and here, yet he remains free from all any repercussions; how that could be may be explained in two different manners: one, the Zionist entity is, as foretold by the Fuhrer, a haven for scoundrels and a high-school for future rogues, so there’s no point expecting it to curb the criminality of its Jewish inhabitants; two, a person like Grauer can engage in any illegal activity he so desires, as it’s sanctioned as part of his membership in an intelligence agency notorious for its disregard for any laws or morality. Grauer’s brazenness suggests that in his case, the latter explanation must surely apply.

Mossad logo.

His “cover story,” that he is a married father, seems entirely implausible. Like Anglin, all he ever does throughout the day is posting his anti-White, anti-woman, and anti-child incitement with no sign that anything else is going on in his life. And what kind of a married+ man would spend his days discussing the finer details of molestation of young girls? There is simply no way that the “official narrative” he presents about himself has any credibility to it. More likely, it’s a total deception scheme employed by the Israeli Mossad against the world, and primarily against English-speakers. Grauer’s blog is replete with odd typos that almost seem deliberate (secret code?), yet his high level of self-expression suggests that he is not an ordinary Israeli occupier, but is part of a Cabal-within-a-Cabal operating from Zionist-occupied Palestine; in other words, this is a Mossad Psyop. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be the first time that Mossad was involved in an illegal sex-related scheme directed against the American public. They’ve been doing this very thing right from their inception as an intelligence agency in 1949.

The Madness Has to Stop

It should come as no surprise that Grauer has admitted to being involved in the Neo-Reaction (NRx); it seems that Jewish paedophiles and similar malcontents are all attracted to it as to a magnet. Neo-Reaction is another Jewish Operation (JOP), intended to abolish the governments of all Gentile nation and institute in their place a formal Jewish Monarchy. Some of their latest ploys have been documented in here. That Grauer stated that he is involved in the NRx is a black flag flying above anything and everything connected to him.

That Grauer is a false persona adopted by a Mossad Operative has been suggested and discussed in this video made about Grauer by a semi-popular YouTuber called Bane666Au:

Additionally, Grauer’s incessant and somewhat convoluted mockery of PizzaGate as “arrant nonsense” (e.g. this post and this one) also implies that he may know something about it that the general public does not. He is the first, and in fact only, paedophile blogger to not merely acknowledge the issue of PizzaGate but even attempt to address it – in Grauer’s case, he has attempted to argue that “there is nothing to see here, goyim.” This is but another peculiarity in this individual’s long array of sinister and ghastly enigmas. The weirdest thing of all is that he does nothing to hide his own supposed “identity,” being one of the few individuals to overtly proclaim their intention to push legalization paedophilia and rape onto the masses. The perplexing confidence with which he manages himself indicates that he isn’t just a run-of-the-mill psychopath, but one that is on the payroll of a large bureaucratic organization. Just how deep and wide this rabbit hole goes, one can only ponder.

Like JewAmongYou and “Matt Semite,” Grauer is another rodent-like bastard that is using his high verbal-IQ and Talmudic “reasoning” to inflict upon the unsuspecting goyim an evil, grotesque agenda. Collaborating with the non-White Amos Yee, and with his aforementioned allies in the Paedo Movement, Grauer is preparing to launch a new (((sexual revolution))), this time with the aim of unleashing an absolute anarcho-tyranny of child abuse and violation of all norms of decency. His supporters clamor and pant for the day, and the movement he leads shows no signs of slowing down. Grauer and his collaborators are determined and undeterred. This is a precarious state of affairs, as never before has a clique of Jewish-led agitators openly announced its intention to bring back child sexual slavery. Even the Weimar Republic had more shame about the prevalent abuse and exploitation of children in it than these modern, Anglin-inspired Paedophilic “Trolls,” who possess not a trace of any conscience whatsoever. Combined with the ongoing Third World invasion of our homelands, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for us White to procreate – and that is exactly what the Jews have in mind in all of this. The Paedophile Movement is simply yet another front in the all-encompassing White Genocide agenda that the Jews are implementing.

Amos Yee.
Amos Yee, an Asian counterpart of Jew Grauer.

The only way to stop this Zionist Hell-bred monster is to spread awareness about his brewing scheme. The matter is urgent. For long, our wisest and keenest thinkers have been warning us that the Jews intend to legalize and institute the abuse of the most vulnerable members of our society, White children. The day has now come. This Jew must be stopped. He must be discredited. The Paedophile Movement always had a Semitic brain; now it has a distinctly Semitic face – that of Tom Grauer. He must be stopped before it’s too late. Spread the message. And keep your eyes on Agent Anglin, too; were it not for him, the masterful utilization of “trolling” to spread anti-White ideas wouldn’t have been refined into a veritable art form.

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