Tommy Robinson locks horns with RT’s ‘Worlds Apart’ as the British activist brings his ‘Rape of Britain’ lecture to Russia

Robinson sat down with RT’s Oksana Boyko to discuss his provocative views about Islam and the alleged epidemic of Muslim grooming gangs in the United Kingdom. The former leader of the right-wing English Defense League said his theory is that Islam is incompatible with Western values, and even condones rape and pedophilia.  

Boyko took issue with the idea that Islam is to blame for the grooming gangs that have come to light in the UK, arguing that the men involved are simply criminals that have distorted Islam. She said that it is dangerous to make generalizations about Islam, noting for example that it would be wrong to characterize all British citizens as rapists and plunderers, despite the British Empire carrying out unconscionable crimes against native populations in the past.

Take the colonial crimes in Africa, in India. Just as recently as the 1950s, British forces used rape and castration to put down uprisings in Kenya… Would it justify throwing around labels like ‘British killers’ or ‘Anglican rapists’ at anyone who has any relation to the British identity?

Undeterred, Robinson stressed that he isn’t interested in the past, and that he views Islam as an imminent threat to the UK.

We feel alienated in our own communities, and the whole time we’re told diversity is great while our daughters are being kidnapped and raped.

Watch the full discussion below:

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