Trump Admits He Moved Embassy to Jerusalem As Personal Favor to Sheldon Adelson

Saturday at [Sheldon Adelson’s casino resort] The Venetian was a different story.  Trump, it is said, has remade the Republican Party in his image, and this weekend, in a hero’s welcome, he showed how much he had brought along the party’s once skeptical Jewish contingent. Both he and Vice President Mike Pence attended the conference to speak.

There were still awkward moments during Trump’s speech that showed what divides many Republican Jews from Trump. But more evident was what has brought them together: Trump’s eager embrace of his advisers’ hawkish pro-Israel policies.

No one in the room was more aware of the 180-degree turn the relationship has taken than Trump himself. At one point a man cried out “Four more years!”

“That guy who just said that — he used to hate me, can you believe it?” Trump responded, drawing laughs.

Some organizers also spoke out about the change. Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, now the RJC chairman, introduced Trump by saying, “There were some doubters in this room, and I was foolishly among them.”

Coleman then led the room in a parody of the Passover song “Dayenu” (“It would have been enough for us”) by listing Trump’s tax cuts and his Israel-related actions, including moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and defunding the Palestinians.

Matt Brooks, the Republican group’s CEO, said Trump had earned the love in the room.

“There’s no question all the love that was felt in this room today and as Senator Coleman alluded to in his remarks, that was not the same situation, there were a lot of people who were not necessarily with the president during the primary process,” Brooks told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “But I will tell you now from an RJC perspective in the Jewish community, the amount of support that this president is getting in the Jewish community is growing exponentially.”

Addressing Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, the most generous donors to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who were present at the event, Trump said of his embassy move, “We got you something that you wanted, I can tell you, Sheldon and Miriam, that is the most important thing, I think, that ever happened in their life.”

In describing the moment he told David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel who has longstanding ties to settlements, that he would recognize Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights, Trump said, “He was like a wonderful, beautiful baby. He said, ‘Do you really — you would do that, sir?’ And I said ‘Yeah, I think I’m doing it right now! Let’s write something up.’”

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