Trump Capitulates Again to Jewish Badgering About ‘White Supremacy’

Trump continues to humiliate himself by denouncing ‘white supremacy’ when asked to by jewish media shills.

Trump’s backbone only comes out when he wants to defend his obsequious shilling for Israel and the jewish global crime syndicate.

Trump went all-in on his move to kill an Iranian general in Iraq at the behest of Netanyahu, his gay lover. He will make no apologies for assassinating foreign generals when it suits the interests of hook-nosed jews.

But when he’s pressed to stand for white people, he crumbles like a house of cards. That’s because Trump’s heart is not with white people, it’s with slimy kikes who control him, like Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu.

These subversive Heebs are the real force behind Trump’s phony brand of populism. The game is to throw bones to whites during the election year, but then swing everything towards making the world safe for jews and ignoring the problems faced by whites thanks to these same scumbag jews.

In other words, Trump doesn’t deserve the support of white people when he has a filthy circumcised jewish penis in his mouth.

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2 Responses to “Trump Capitulates Again to Jewish Badgering About ‘White Supremacy’”

  1. Les says:

    Personally I’d like to see Iran level Israel for their genocide of the the indigenous Arabs, aipac headquarters and jew york city, then Hollywood. The US should have turned Israel into glass for killing the USS Liberty crew.

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