Trump Firm Refusing to Pay Legal Bill for Windfarm Case

35% of 300 pound Donald Trump is air brushed out of this picture, really “re-pixeled” with photoshop. I love the job they did on the right side, erasing his fat ass and creating a fake black sweater line with lots of golf course behind him overlaying his rolls of blubber

Mike’s Notes: Throughout his questionable career, Donald Trump has refused to pay bills he legally owes. Many middle class skilled tradesmen who have worked on his construction projects have been screwed out of their rightful payment for services. This is a ploy often used by the rich and powerful to not pay their bills. The average worker can’t afford to hire a lawyer and hope to collect what is rightfully owed to them so they simply give up or settle for pennies on the dollar. The wealthy have lawyers on retainer who can bury the tradesmen in paperwork. 

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I have many friends who do contracting and most have told me that they would rather take a job working for a poor person in the ghetto than a wealthy person because the poor person understands that they have to pay for what they receive and have the cash ready. The wealthy often make them submit bills to their accountant and then try to re-negotiate their original agreement down or they declare bankruptcy to avoid paying their bills.

Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy multiple times to get out of actually paying for things.  When Congress changed the bankruptcy laws a few years ago in a supposed attempt to eliminate fraud they actually made the laws worse. They exempted any student debt from being considered and these debts fall mostly on the poor and middle class. The wealthy still get their perks.  

Severin Carrell Scotland editor – The Guardian

A Scottish court ruled in February this year the Trump Organization had to pay the Scottish government’s legal costs after his attempt to block an 11-turbine windfarm in Aberdeen Bay ended with defeat in the UK supreme court in 2015.

The Scottish government has said Trump’s firm has refused to accept the sum it had put forward or reach an agreement on costs, so the case is now in the hands of a court-appointed adjudicator.
“As the amount of expenses has not been agreed, we are awaiting a date for the auditor of the court of session to determine the account. We expect payment when this has been completed,” a government spokeswoman said.
The case is expected to be heard quickly. Sarah Malone, executive vice-president of the Trump golf resort, said claims the firm had refused to pay the sum sought by the government are incorrect. “This is not in our control,” she said. “The matter is in the hands of the auditors of the court of session and the Scottish ministers.”
Trump launched his campaign against the Aberdeen Bay windfarm in 2012 after claiming the “monstrous” project, a scheme to test wind turbine technologies, would ruin the view from his golf resort at Menie, north of Aberdeen, and dissuade guests from playing there.
He took his battle to the Scottish parliament, claiming the country’s heavy investment in onshore windfarms would ruin its tourism industry. In one famous exchange with MSPs, Trump insisted the committee did not need to call any witnesses to verify his claims.
“I am the evidence,” he said. “I’m an expert in tourism. I have won many, many awards … if you dot your landscape with these horrible, horrible structures, you will do tremendous damage.”

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