#TrumpEffect: Univision to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016



Haim Saban’s Spanish-language flagship, Univision, is right now a frantic gazelle feeling the orange lion’s breath on its heels.

Saban, who was born in Israel and is a fanatical Zionist, would be considered to have a strange niche (media dedicated to turning illegal Mexican immigrants against white people) by many; the only explanation for the strangeness of this niche is that Jews are engaging in a racial conspiracy to indoctrinate and ultimately unite all the different people of the world against the white West.

But now los pollos are coming home to roost, and there’s a good chance it won’t be in a Los Angeles backyard this time around. As Trump’s America begins to take shape, Jews all over are cutting their losses and recalibrating their tactics on a rapidly changing battlefield.

Miami Herald:

The Spanish-language media giant, Univision Communications, will lay off almost 6 percent of its workforce — 200 to 250 people — after it slipped into the red last quarter, the company announced Wednesday.

The layoffs, along with a planned restructuring, “are in response to difficult times, challenging times,” said Isaac Lee, Univision’s digital, entertainment and news chief. “We need to position ourselves for the future.”

Univision, which operates WLTV-23 based in Doral, had a third-quarter net loss of $30.5 million, on total revenues of $735 million, down 8 percent.

Jews, unlike whites, are intensely pragmatic, and they’re getting ready to take a hit to their target demographic (illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America).

The “Hispanic monster vote” they were hinging Hillary’s candidacy on never come to fruition, save for in the third world hell hole known as Mexifornia. This is despite Univision’s laughably slanted coverage of Trump, so Jews may start to abandon this angle and look for another avenue to cause mischief and instability.

The English-language cable network Fusion is another tentacle of the toxic Saban octopus that is taking some cuts. Fusion is aimed at teaching a virulently anti-white ideology to hipsters, but it never took off, due in part to increasing numbers of Millennials cutting their cable. The news director at Fusion, Aleksander Chan, appears to be literally shaking at the massive layoffs, which are probably worse than what Univision Jew Isaac Lee is telling the press.

The Jew is a chameleon. One second you see him in a sombrero preaching “Get the Gringos!” and “This Is Aztlan!” the next minute he’s sitting on a Brooklyn stoop smoking exotic rollies in Buddy Holly glasses “deconstructing whiteness” before adoring suburban Midwest transplants desperate to be cool.

Keep kicking the curtain and  eventually he’ll be forced to come out – and then the real revolution will begin.

The Aryan Atlas is beginning to shrug – not its civic responsibilities to his race and community like (((Ayn Rand))) would want – but the many leeches feasting on our blood.

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/trumpeffect-univision-to-lay-off-hundreds-of-employees/

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One Response to “#TrumpEffect: Univision to Lay Off Hundreds of Employees”

  1. TheTruth says:

    Don`t worry about the whites-almost every non white can`t fight properly and don`t have the spirit to fight in a real fight.We see it so many times in fights when couple of thugs jump on a white person,we know it from the history when we analyze and see that the only real colonized countries around the world are from white nations fulled with white armies.You see it`s not just the ability to fight with guns of different kind-it`s the willpower,the courage with the ability to control yourself under deadly circumstances.
    Do you know when the white europeans pushed back the arab and turkish hordes out of Europe completely and efficiently?When the firearms began to be made rifled and accurate enough-so it was possible for a single soldier to kill enough enemies without harm to himself,without need of close range engagement with swords and knives which is good for the hordes of non whites who always count on their numbers in everything they do,even the chinese and the koreans have tried these tactics in a real war-“the wave attacks” from close range with bayonets on their rifles,the soviets too-that`s why they have lost so many soldiers in the modern warfare-against modern semiautomatic and automatic guns you don`t stand a chance with this tactics in a real serious firefight.That`s why they put grenade launchers,mini shotguns,flashlights,bipods under most of the modern rifles now 🙂
    You see,the jews have already failed to conquer Europe and the white nations with a real,classic war against the white nations-they have used the banks,the media,the infiltration through the political system (and because you can`t change a monarchy without topple the king and his children-they have toppled all monarchical rules-they have changed them with parliament system and “political parties” with many people so a governed nation can`t see who are their rulers for real.You can see who is your monarch or “dictator”-the modern equivalent of a monarch.You can`t be sure who really pull the string in a parliament.Because the people should be lied that they govern themselves it`s called “democracy”.The jews know that this can`t work forever and this lie is long gone.They can`t rule people that they can`t really lie and manipulate-they need non whites to do their work,but the most they fear is a civil war!
    Why do you think so much false flag events happened through USA lately and every time the liberal jews talk against the guns in the citizens!They fear armed nation,because they know that most of the guns are in the hands of the whites.
    This is their real problem-the ability to defend yourself,your family and dear ones!
    The jews fear most a civil war,they instigate fear with these protests which only show how desperate they are!They can`t really fight for themselves,they use “goyims” for this.
    The most the jews fear is the white racists that spot them so they can`t manipulate them 😀
    Almost forgot something-if you look at the situation with the refugees in Germany you can see a funny thing…the Germans from the eastern Germany(former soviet part of Germany which is more atheist after all the purge of christians and their priests) and the countries from the former USSR are way more racist than the countries who have not been under communist atheist rule!We don`t fall for “God made us all races equally!”
    Let`s get back to USA now…Trump can`t be openly racist because the whole idea of USA is of a multiethnic country (the jews use this to get in the country and help breed as much non whites as possibly!),there is a strong christian religious brainwashing also which help the jews and work for their globalist race mixing agenda so Trump can`t play an atheist even if he is one in his heart…he can`t be a dictator in such political system and be a honest guy in front of the people…the best he can do is stop close the borders,turn back millions of non whites illegal emigrants and clean all the brainwashing globalist media.If Trump is really pro white and antiglobalist he can close all USA military bases around the world,i mean all of them and close the jewish Federal Reserve.
    This will effectively cut off the bloodstream of the jewish power.
    Now the jewish globalists try to stop the alternative media and the actual president mandate of Trump to actually happen with everything they have,they know the outcome.
    Whatever someone tells me the most they fear is a real civil war-they money and media won`t matter 😀
    The jews wouldn`t push for robots in the military if they relied on the manpower to fight for them against the citizens,right? 😀
    They have all the money they can print,but they don`t have time and they are in a panic mode now.

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