Truth or myth: consuming glucose affects your ability to write essays and solve math problems

Blood glucose is one of the main sources of energy for human brain. In order to function properly, our brain needs to have a constant supply of glucose.

Our brain health as well as the ability to make decisions, solve math problems, write essays and solve any kind of intellectual tasks depend highly on the level of glucose in our body.

The effect of glucose on intellectual performance

The main research finding in this respect is the fact that low glucose levels lead to experiencing a variety of psychological and physical symptoms that negatively affect the cognitive functioning of the human brain.

However, the ability of a human body to use glucose effectively also has its positive influence on cognitive functions. In other words, our mental capacity depends greatly on the amount of glucose we consume.  Speaking about the impact of glucose on memory, those who who higher glucose levels tend to be less forgetful.

The correlation between the levels of glucose and sensory processing

The level of blood glucose also has an impact on such sensory processes as visual change detection, visual selective attention, inspection time, contrast sensitivity and overall visual information processing. If a person has low glucose levels, their attentional processes decrease significantly. What is more, their ability to perceive and process visual information gets worse as well.

The effect of glucose on academic performance

In case you have been experiencing difficulties with accomplishing your academic writing tasks, low glucose levels may be the ones to blame. Thus, it is vital to take action and to come up with a new approach to nutrition. Make sure the food you consume will help your body produce high levels of glucose which, in its turn, will have a positive effect on your cognitive functions.

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Does glucose make children hyperactive?

No, this is an assumption that was made a while ago, and this myth has actually been debunked by providing sufficient research proof. Yet, glucose does have an effect on cognitive functions and intellectual ability which has been described in detail above.

One of the most important pieces of  information to keep in mind is that our body is really good at regulating the levels of glucose. However, it does not mean that maintaining a low glucose level will help you stay healthy and have better concentration skills.

What matters the most is the quality of products you consume from which your body is going to get that glucose. Therefore, eating healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals plays the most significant role if you want to improve cognitive functions of your brain. Taking everything into consideration, one needs to develop an approach to nutrition with the help of which their body will get a well-timed dose of glucose.

This way, one will manage to improve cognitive performance as well as provide a much-needed memory boost. Eating foods that contain glucose may be rather helpful when you are studying for an exam as you will be able to memorize vital information better which will have its positive impact on your cognitive skills, especially during a stressful period.

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