UK: Three Vibrant “Youths” Cough in Face of Elderly Couple in Apparent Attempt to Spread Chinese Virus

These minorities are literally waging biological warfare against white people.


Three teenagers have been arrested after they allegedly coughed at an elderly couple, resulting in an altercation on the street. Officers from Hertfordshire Police said the males, aged 16, 18 and 19, approached a couple in Paynes Park, Hitchin, before one of them is said to have coughed in their faces on March 20.

An altercation then broke out, in which a woman in her 70s was left with a black eye. She was taken to hospital, but has since been discharged. The woman’s car was also damaged in the incident and a passer-by who intervened at the scene was left with bruising.

Officers questioned the three teenagers on suspicion of actual bodily harm, affray and criminal damage. They have since been released under investigation. Hertfordshire Police have called for anyone with information about the incident to get in touch.

They have also asked that members of the public do not share details of those believed to be involved on social media as this could disrupt the investigation.

The police don’t want people to identify the suspects because they’re all shit-skinned third world apes. This is another case of British police protecting the identities of non-white criminals so as to not invite a backlash against dindus.

Ironically, the guy who intervened to confront the little biological terrorists was Tommy Robinson who got their faces on video.

As soon as Robinson confronts the rats, they pull out the race card.

“You be racist, blud, we dindu nuffin, blud!”

“You chattin’ shit, blud!”

These non-whites really know how to play the racial hustle. They’ve been trained well to play the “you’re a racist” card anytime they’re caught red handed in some form of shit-skinned underworld activity.

Guaranteed no charges will be pressed against them because they have Poo-Skin Privilege.

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