Unwanted Puppy Left Absolutely Heartbroken after Being ‘Thrown in Bin’ the Day after Christmas

The story of the unwanted puppy dumped in a trash bin a day after Christmas caught the attention of many people from all around the country. Many were left wondering if humans would ever learn that dogs are the best friends Gog put on our way and that we should treat them like family.

Because of the timing, the rescuers of poor baby Barry Basura assumed he was probably an unwanted Christmas present. But even though the person who got him didn’t plan on keeping him, he could have placed him at the nearest shelter instead of throwing him like a piece of garbage.

PetPals, the rescue organization who made sure Barry was taken at the safe place, shared the story on their Facebook page. This is what they said:

“December the 26th AKA Wednesday started like every other day, usual chaos, usual 100 phone calls and messages, and then the dreaded I found a puppy message came. A small cute puppy had been found in the bin, not unusual here, but always more upsetting knowing he was an unwanted gift! 

‘I collected the pup, and off we went to the vets, Barry Basura as he had been christened, is just four weeks old, small, innocent, and doesn’t understand what the hell is going on. Usual vets checks done, entry photo taken, popped up on FB sating the usual not up for adoption, more of a yippee the first of many posts.

‘OMFG…. fast forward 48 hours…… over 633,000 people have seen the post, over 3.5K of shares, and 2500 comments… not all constructive, in fact very few constructive comments. Don’t get me wrong the sharing the page is fantastic, the PM’s from people wanting to adopt other dogs is fantastic, BUT the trolls, god give me strength.”

Further, they said how they were criticized by some for naming the dog Basura, which stands for trash in Spanish, but the shelter staff said they only did it because they wanted people to know of his sad fate and the ordeal he had gone through.

Out of all those people who have seen and shared the post, only 27 helped cover the vet’s bills. But, Barry’s story caused a stir among Facebook users and that would hopefully make people think twice before they buy a dog as a Christmas present.

“Barry was thrown in the bin most likely due to being an unwanted gift. Puppies in bins happens a lot here sadly. Many are killed and not found in time. He is approximately 4 weeks old and was infested with fleas malnourished and anaemic. He is doing well now though.”

We honestly hope that when the time comes, Barry will find his forever home and will spend the next Christmas in the comfort of his home around people who would love him to the moon and back.

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