US forces under great mental pressure when facing Iran in PG: IRGC

MNA – IRGC’s second-in-command says that US forces experience great stress when coming to the Persian Gulf and encountering Iran, adding that US will soon conclude that its presence in the region doesn’t serve its interests.

“Encountering us, they [Americans] are put under great pressure. The number of American maritime accidents have increased and that’s because of the stress they are under. Whenever entering the Persian Gulf, they tell themselves that ‘we have set foot in hell’, and when leaving the Persian Gulf, they say ‘we are out of hell’. They are experiencing harsh mental and psychological conditions,” Deputy to the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Real Admiral Ali Fadavi said Thursday in a local event in Tehran.

“In recent years, as the new US President both better understands the cost-benefit logic and better announces that, Americans say that providing the Persian Gulf with security is not their business.”

“Changing strategy for a country which claims to be a superpower is not easy and they will not do so unless they have to. America will soon deduce that remaining in the region is not in its interest because it has realized during the past years that it will not be the victor of this quarrel,” the commander added.

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