US Military — Mob Operation Run by Cabalist Sex Deviants


June 11, 2019


2. It’s a very small cult/secret society. I have heard what they do when they become Colonels. It’s the same thing that they do in Skull and Bones, and Cap and Gown (which has a lot of intelligence officers and boys who have been raped)…. They do a lot of homosexual enticements. This keeps them from telling secrets. The crème of the crop are doing this; they are having sex parties, orgies, etc. The men who rise to the top are the ones who are picked to have pool parties, etc. This is General Alfred M. Gray, the main prime mover. (They start off with the wild secretaries) .  My husband was Chief of Staff for Al Gray, who runs all the dirty tricks for the Army. Linda Tripp (of the Monica Lewinsky scandal), formerly of Delta Force, worked for General Carl Steiner… She’s a dirty tricks expert.

General Jim R. Joy, was the one who was behind the whole Panama Operation (with General Sheehan), that got Noriega out of Panama. They trained all the guys who did what they did to David Koresch at Waco. He and Generals Steiner and Sheehan are the ones behind the black helicopters.

It’s all to sell weapons, to sell weapons, drugs; it’s all about funny money. 

 3. The Skull and Bones induction methods are now used in the Army. This goes back to the German thing, it’s what the German High Command did. They say it goes back to Greece. They do the bowling ball trick. Now the Chiefs (of Staff) have to do this. They get everybody really drunk. Sometimes they call it “dining in.” Not everybody does it. But the ones who do it, they get right up to the top. They do anal sex. They put someone in the coffin and he’s the recipient of all the oral and anal sex acts.

Now, the young Army Seals, Delta Force, Buds (they emerging Seals group), their training exercise is to break into civilians houses… for practice. They broke into my house.

They will do anything necessary to get what they want politically and economically. In other words, killing a leader, killing 20 people, according to them, is a lot better than war… this is the way they rationalize it. 


 6. Everybody knows they brought in probably more than 200,000 Nazi soldiers and SS, and whacko scientists, and psychologists. And all of them, most of them, had the “German disease,” because it was their culture. It’s what the Pink Triangle boys were. Marine Col. Ron Ray, a Christian, writes about this “cherry marines,” the homosexuality, and group sex orgies, which brought down the German government.

Today, in Naples, where the Navy is doing their playing, these orgies are going on.

It was where Krupp, the German’s weapons manufacturers would take the German high command and they would go the Blue Grotto on the Island of Capris. And they’d bring in little boys and rape them. 


 9. When you have group sex and homosexual sex by the top people who are running the military and government in my town, Norfolk, VA… San Diego the same thing. San Francisco. Key West. Boston… that’s the major homosexual capital of the world. Of course, Washington, D.C.

James Angleton, CIA, was homosexual. The head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was a homosexual. All of the British intelligence are homosexuals. It’s a sign of weakness.

Caspar Weinberger is involved in a lot of evil stuff, he pulls a lot of strings... Weapons sales, drugs, the hit squads-the motorcycle gangs (run by retired military guys). They are stirring up people, murdering people, so they will sell the weapons.

Of course, Lady Diana was murdered. 

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