US State Department Talking Head Transforms into Al Qaeda’s Spokesperson

21st Century Wire says…

“The real cause of the great upheavals which precede changes of civilisations, such as the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Arabian Empire, is a profound modification in the ideas of the peoples …. The memorable events of history are the visible effects of the invisible changes of human thought …. The present epoch is one of these critical moments in which the thought of mankind is undergoing a process of transformation.” ~ Gustav Le Bon

The following display of servitude to Washington’s geopolitical agenda in Syria, over and above any concern for human life, or heaven forbid, the truth, is only one of the many triggers that are precipitating a universal awakening globally. Newly appointed US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert (a former FOX News weekend anchor) is transformed into Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda’s spokesperson under questioning from RT International’s Caleb Maupin. Watch ~


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