USA officially becomes Banana Republic with Election Fraud Never seen Before as Poll Watchers Banned



We would first of all like to begin by stating clearly that WE DO NOT SUPPORT EITHER OF THE CANDIDATES!!! nor do we even CARE one bit of who is elected in USA. All that we wanna show and analyze in this story is that USA as a whole is a pretentious country which lectures everyone else on Earth to be like them because they are an example of perfect justice and democracy and all that nonsense however what we notice now is that if this “perfect democracy” is engaged in such crazy election fraud, riots, division, hate and anarchy, then excuse us but democracy itself is a failed project which nobody should want to have anything to do with.

If this is what perfect democracy looks like then no thank you to democracy itself because you need to understand that the Americans are calling this PERFECT, THE EXAMPLE that others need to follow and what this means is that all those other countries will just try to COPY this American exemplary democracy but obviously they will not be able to achieve this so-called perfection so what this means is that we are going to end up with democracies much worse than what they have in America since America is “perfect” and in their so-called perfection we now notice massive election fraud, people rioting, people hating each-other, fighting and shooting each-other in the streets.

What this means is that racial, cultural, social and religious melting pot integration in a “perfect democracy” is a failed experiment and the only way to fix these problems now in America would be to separate everyone into different countries and that wouldn’t even be anything tragic.

America is huge, what would it be so tragic to split it in two or three different countries? The democrats hate the republicans, the blacks hate the whites and so on, there is too much division which will never be fixed because democracy is a failure and in fact even the INVENTORS of democracy themselves, the ancient Greeks understood that democracy gives birth to weak and corrupt men and democracy will always lead towards a failure, later followed by a downright total dictatorship.

America is now in that stage, its in the stage of total failure, what naturally follows after this is a total dictatorship. The Greeks were right, even regarding the aspect of weak men. Trump was weak, he tried to work within the system, he hired all sorts of dubious people like Pompeo, Bolton, Fauci and others to work with him. He even took his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared in as advisors despite the fact that they are liberals and they have nothing to do with his beliefs.

His voting base complained over and over again, wanted them fired but Trump didn’t listen, instead he fired his nationalists like Steve Bannon and others. He was weak and this paved way for what has happened.

They stole the election from him with hundreds of thousands of mailed in votes added to Biden while not a single one added to him in both Michigan and Wisconsin.

And now Trump yet again he’s trying to work within the rules to fix the problems… Hasn’t he learned anything? How many times can a person get burned and still not learn?

What he should do at this point is declare martial law, arrest the entire congress, arrest all his opponents and then gradually sort things out, release people who are innocent but until the mess is sorted out, everyone should be considered guilty until proven innocent. America has a choice, either it will become a right-wing dictotorship with Trump now, or a leftist dictatorship after grandpa Joe dies of old age and Kabbalah Harris takes over.

USA is now at this point a Banana republic, its democracy has failed. USA has lost all moral ground trying to lecture others into following their “perfect democratic model”. There is nothing to follow. America, you can’t go now to Somalia to tell them “be like us, look at us, we are a democracy and other bla bla bla”…. Well in fact they can continue to do so and in fact they just did, USA just lectured Cote d’Ivoire if you can believe that…

You have got to ask yourselves, is this what a “perfect democracy” looks like? When they blocked poll watchers in other countries like Belarus for example, there was all the outrage in the world but hey you know what? At least in Venezuela, Belarus, North Korea and other similar nations nobody is playing democracy, its not like they are pretending to be a democracy, unlike USA. No, they tell it straight to your face “Yes we’re a communist dictatorship! So what? You don’t like it? Who cares? Its not like we’re asking for your approval or something!”

So take a look and see what happened in USA:

Additionally, you need to watch these two videos in order to understand the grave situation in USA:

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