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U.S. Army, 1965-67, Schofield Barracks, Hqs., U.S Army, Hawaii. Director, The Veterans Revolution, Captain, the Old Veterans Guard, and Director, We the Veterans.

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By Robert L. Rosebrock


homelessbrock1LOS ANGELES — It’s Friday morning and time for Vincent Kane, Special Assistant to VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald, to fly home to Philadelphia for the weekend at the expense of the American taxpayer while he leaves behind thousands upon thousands of disabled, destitute and homeless Veterans that he promised to house and care for within the next 45 days, but failed shamefully with no hope in sight.

Instead, Mr. Kane, the Secretary’s “homeless expert,” and his VA comrades have expanded the biggest and most corrupt land-fraud swindle in American history that has compounded into the most heinous crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil …. forcing innocent war-injured and impoverished Veterans to live homeless and hungry in deplorable and inhumane conditions at Skid Row and in back-alley squalor.

Some homeless Veterans survive in “upscale” Brentwood next to the VA’s multi-million dollar pretentious fence built in partnership with the wealthy and powerful Brentwood homeowner group operating under the ruse of Veterans Park Conservancy.  

Homeless Veteran outside the multi-million-dollar fence to beautify the entryway into Brentwood.  One million dollars came from Veterans healthcare budget to co-partner with Sue Young’s VPC group

History has recorded that the Missionaries of yore came to Hawaii to “do good,” and ended up doing well for themselves by stealing the native Hawaiians’ land.

So it is with Mr. Kane, who came to Los Angeles to “end Veterans homelessness” but ended up expanding it by stealing more Veterans land deeded exclusively as a National Home for disabled Veterans.

Mr. Kane’s “one-solution-fits-all” government welfare-rent voucher program is a total failure because Los Angeles has one of the lowest apartment vacancy rates in the nation coupled with some of the highest rents in the nation.

On his recent trip to Washington D.C., Pope Francis declared: “We can find no social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever, for lack of housing.”

In Los Angeles, there’s no morality and no justice when it comes to housing and caring for homeless Veterans because Secretary McDonald and his wealthy and powerful friends have pillaged and plundered Veterans land for their own benefit, thanks to VA bureaucrats like Vince Kane and VA attorney Cameron Gore who make it possible by criminally dispossessing homeless Veterans who belong on this property.

homelessMr. Kane and his VA comrades have participated in the most egregious and unforgiving crimes on the face of Earth, stealing National Veterans land from men and women who have defended America’s prosperous and unparalleled way of life while you have abandoned them, forcing them to live alone — homeless and hungry — in the most deprived and inhumane conditions imaginable.

The VA Oversight Committee and the VA Office of Inspector General must immediately enforce absolute and unwavering investigations into these abhorrent crimes carried out by top VA officials and their co-conspirators.

Federal Grand Jury inquisitions must commence into every aspect involving each and every person who participated in this incomparable criminal and corrupted activity directed at the pain, suffering and expense of disabled homeless Veterans.

Homeless Veterans now sleep alongside Brentwood's infamous "Wall of Shame."

The Human Rights Council of the United Nations, The Hague’s International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court, The Vatican, et al., must immediately initiate comprehensive investigations into our own United States Government for heinous crimes against humanity waged against America’s Military Veterans who have defended freedom around the world and are now disabled, destitute and forced to live homeless and hungry in despicable and inhumane conditions on U.S. soil.

There is no punishment that remotely equals the crimes that have been leveled against the most vulnerable and needy of our Veteran Brothers and Sisters.

This is the worst of times and these are the worst of crimes.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!



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One Response to “VA’s Unforgivable Crimes Against Humanity – Homeless Veterans

  1. Thank you once again, Mr. Rosebrock, for your tireless efforts on behalf of homeless veterans.

    In some ways, I see the situation at the WLA Veterans’ property as a microcosm of what’s wrong with the nation. A tiny insatiably greedy minority stealing from the poorest and most disadvantaged citizens to provide more comforts for themselves. Cronies of the rich getting fabulous deals that cheat the far more deserving out of what is rightfully theirs. A court system with one track for the rich, and a very different track for the poor. Government officials more concerned with lining the pockets of themselves and their cronies than doing what they’re paid to do. Thousands and thousands of people who followed all of the rules only to find themselves outcast, going without food, shelter, heat, and winter is coming.

    Massive civil disobedience seems to be working for the pampered students at Yale, Princeton, etc. It might at least get some vets off the cold, hard streets for a few nights, and help to focus attention on the ongoing crimes.

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