Venezuela’s CNE published list of candidates for elections to Constituent Assembly

nsnbc : Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), on Thursday, released a list of approved candidates for elections to the National Constituent Assembly to be held on July 30. PSUV-linked organizations welcome the initiative while others warn about a constitutional coup under leftist cover.

cne_venezuela_archives545 elected candidates will be delegated to the ANC that will be tasked with drafting anew constitution for Venezuela. Once the draft has been completed, the new constitution has to be approved in a national referendum.

The ANC will be constituted by 364 regional delegates plus 181 delegates from so-called “sectors” whose representatives who have been chosen by their respective constituencies.

Among the candidates are top government spokespeople such as former Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, ex-chief of staff Carmen Melendez, and former National Assembly President and “First Combatant” Cilia Flores, as well as representatives from grassroots movements.

The sectorial delegates include commune activists, workers, indigenous people, students, businesspeople, farmers and fishing workers, senior citizens, and people living with disabilities.

Members of Venezuela’s Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) as well as Attorney General Ortega criticize the process as “corporatist” and for “lacking representation“. It must be noted that many of the organizations under the “sectorial organizations” umbrella are dominated by the socialist PSUV.

The revolutionary Alexis Vive Patriotic Front, for example, saw two of its leading candidates, Barbara Martinez and Jesus Silva, accepted for the communal sector and Lara state, respectively. The Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current likewise succeeded in getting a number of its candidates approved.

Since President Maduro’s announcement of the ANC on May 1, Venezuelan popular, largely PSUV dominated movements have rallied behind the initiative. Opponents consider the “initiative” as a constitutional coup under leftist cover that will further entrench a semi-fascist, PSUV-dominated “National Security State”.

CH/L – nsnbc 27.06.2017

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