Video: Perverts Ask Girls Aged 6-18 to Talk About Their “Body Image”

The fact that this channel, Allure, put girls as young as six in front of a camera to talk about their bodies is proof positive that it’s a company run by pedophiles, most likely Jewish.

These girls whine about how people make fun of their looks at school.

I have some basic advice for the fat ones: get in the gym you fat cows!

There is literally no excuse for being fat. No amount of coping will ever make fat desirable from a beauty and attraction standpoint.

Yeah, no thanks fattie.

Firstly, all of that excess blubber physically obstructs a man’s penis from entering the whale’s vagina. In a high majority of cases, an obese manatee like the repulsive sack of shit above has about 50 layers of blubber and skin that a man must wade through to find the hole. Even when he finds the hole and manages to jimmy it in, he doesn’t feel anything because the hole has the width of great white shark’s mouth.

I honestly don’t even know how fat people fuck, especially two fat people together. They probably just dry hump each other and then finish with a hand job and a twinkie.

We’re getting groovy tonight! Who wants to watch?

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