Tornado hits Greece factory


This is the shocking moment a violent tornado almost destroys a factory in Greece after shattering windows and ripping off sections of the walls.

The freak storm hit Kalamata in Greece on Monday, causing damage to buildings including the Papadimitriou factory which produces vinegar and olive oil.

Footage from Papadimitriou’s security cameras shows the warehouses being torn to shreds by the winds which also battered the vehicles parked outside.

Around 60 workers were inside the factory at the time and went into panic as the weather left a trail of destruction.

The factory owner revealed the devastation lasted around three to four minutes.

He told Alpha TV: ‘It was a sudden loud noise and we saw the wind lifting heavy objects of 60 kilos (132lbs). We did not know what to do.’

In the video posted online, the factory thanked everyone for their ‘love and support’ after the tornado.

They said: ‘We feel very fortunate that although we were all in the factory at the time of the incident, we are all well.

‘The damage was, fortunately, only material.

‘We’re sharing the video with you from the factory cameras, in order to make us all aware of the climate change.’

Luckily, no injuries to the factory’s staff were reported.