Video: White Girls Get Robbed & Beaten By Black ‘Youths’

I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for these young white girls who regularly consort with violence-prone negro ‘youths’ who they’ve been taught are ‘cooler’ than white guys.

There’s little doubt that these chicks were somehow ‘involved’ with these apes. It doesn’t look like a random robbery or attack.

I’ve personally seen this kind of thing. Young white sluts willingly hang out with these groups of ghetto blacks. They’re following the dictates of the jewish satanic media, which tells them that black men are chic and in-style and that white men are ‘out’.

And so the little harlots find themselves in these kinds of situations with black animals. It is only these kinds of negative interactions with blacks that can act as a catalyst to break the leftist programming of young white women. And even then, usually they just view these criminal blacks who victimized them as ‘individuals’ whose actions had nothing to do with their racial and cultural habits.

Most white women will never learn and will shun us for trying to teach them the truth about race. It’s not our job to save them. Only the white women who take the initiative in searching for and understanding the truth deserve our respect and compassion.

The others can perish in the hellfire of our modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

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