Videos Emerge of Crazy Chinks Purposely Spreading the Coronavirus

I wonder if the Chinese Communist Party has given orders to these chinks to spread the virus among the non-Chinese goyim.

Red Elephants:

Dozens of videos have emerged of Chinese citizens intentionally spreading the Corona Virus by spitting on food, inside of elevators and wiping saliva on park benches. Some of the videos shown display Chinese citizens spitting directly on strangers.

We know that automaton chinks around the world act as sleeper agents for the Chinese government. All they need is one call from their local Chinese embassy in a Western country and these chinks will do whatever is asked of them.

These chinks are such hateful animals that they go around deliberately trying to spread a deadly virus to get others killed and destroy the world.

These videos prove that chinks are a dangerous security threat to Western countries and need to be mass deported back to shithole China immediately.

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