Was Hitler a Rothschild?


July 18, 2019


Adolf Hitler required Nazi party candidates to trace family pedigree back to the year 1800 (1750 for SS officers). Those free of non-Aryan (i.e. Jewish, Gypsy, Slavic) ancestors were considered eligible, and were awarded an Aryan Certificate.

Curiously, Adolf Hitler didn’t have an Aryan Certificate. He exempted himself from needing one.

Smart thing.

It would have looked quite  ridiculous when his application was rejected for being the grandson of an international Jewish banker!

AloisHitlerSr_original.jpgAdolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler,  was born Aloys Schicklgruber on June 7, 1837. He was the illegitimate son of a 42 year old, unwed peasant woman from Lower Austria. Her name was  Maria Anna Schicklgruber.


Anselm’s father, Salomon, had not been in Vienna at the time that Hitler’s grandmother conceived in September of 1836. He left Vienna in June of that year and didn’t return until sometime in 1837. (Salomon maintained a second residence in Paris where his wife’s family lived. It was his custom to return to Paris for the Jewish High Holidays. His daughter, Betty, who was married to his brother, James also lived in Paris. By 1836, they had bore Salomon four grandchildren. 

According to reverse ovulation calculations, Maria Anna Schicklgruber conceived on or near Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The holiday fell that year on September 12th.

Adolf Hitler lived for several years in the Vienna Men’s Hostel built by his uncle, Nathaniel Mayer “Puggy” Rothschild.

220px-Louis_Freiherr_von_Rothschild_(1882-1955)__1930_©_Georg_Fayer_(1892-1950)_OeNB_12995689.jpg(LOUIS ROTHSCHILD, 1882-1955)

Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2019/07/was-hitler-a-rothschild.html

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