Washington: Mass Shooting Leaves 20 Injured, 1 Dead

I guess we can call this the Summer of Rage in America.


A 17-year-old was killed and 20 others were injured in an overnight shooting Saturday in Washington D.C. Among the victims was an off-duty 1st District Police officer, who Metro police chief Peter Newsham said was shot and “seriously injured.” Newsham said that judging from gunshots being fired in multiple locations simultaneously, it appeared there were at least three shooters.

Family identified the victim to CBS Washington D.C. affiliate WUSA-TV as Christopher Brown. His grandmother told WUSA-TV that he was a great person and would affectionately call him her “Poppy.”

“You need to stop because you took away something that belonged to me, somebody hat I loved so much and somebody dear to me,” grandmother Patrice Brown told WUSA-TV in a phone call hours after the shooting.

“I know this is not the only child or will be the last child,” she continued. “But they need to stop this. I want everybody to be safe and happy. But this is not the way to be safe. And this is not the way to be happy.”

The dregs of society have come out to play.

This is like some real-world version of The Purge films.

The jew overlords of society have given the green-light to their drug-addled negro and communist street armies to wreak havoc on a once-prosperous white nation. This is the jews’ revenge for Adolf Hitler and various white leaders putting them in their place over the centuries.

The rat bastard jews will continue to incite these simian mobs until the white race is shackled under the jackboot of judeo-groid tyranny.

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