We will always be united with you, Russia tells Venezuela

Russia has reiterated its support for Venezuela and its resistance against “illegal” pressure amid attempts by Washington to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“We will always be united with you, (we will) stand for each people’s right to independently choose the path of their development and strictly oppose any unlawful, illegal methods of blackmail and pressure,” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Venezuelan Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez at their meeting in Moscow on Wednesday.

Washington has repeatedly demanded that Moscow withdraw its support for Maduro. Russia says the US is attempting to instigate a coup against the Venezuelan president in defiance of international law.

Last week, the defense chiefs of Russia and Venezuela signed an agreement overseeing visits by warships of both sides to their ports.

During the meeting Rodriguez said, “We are a part of the elite club of those who fight against foreign meddling in a country’s domestic affairs and against illegal activities on a country’s territory.”

“Today Russia is fighting alongside us and other nations for independence, freedom and sovereignty,” she added.

Washington has imposed several rounds of sanctions against the oil-rich country to oust Maduro and have him replaced with opposition figure Juan Guaido, who declared himself “interim president” earlier this year.

The Latin American country has been beset by political turbulence, and the opposition has resorted to inordinate measures and violence in an attempt to unseat the Maduro government, which nevertheless continues to stand.

The Trump administration has confiscated Venezuela’s state oil assets based in the US and has been channeling them to Guaido.

Earlier this month, Trump ordered a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets in the United States as rounds of sanctions failed to turn Venezuela’s military against Maduro..

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/08/21/604120/Russia-reiterates-support-Venezuela

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