Wear Your Slur With Pride

You browse Wikipedia and Google to get the lowdown on figures you are interested in. Predictably, after decades of liberalisation, information on far-right figures is saturated with vilification, innuendo, exaggeration, lies and half-lies.

Not good, but then not so quick. There has been a volte face in public attitudes. A smear that, until recently, would result in public ostracism and possible loss of career may now have the opposite effect to that originally intended.

In my experience a high percentage of people pay only lip service to the notion that Hitler is the demon that convention makes him out to be. People’s instincts suggest they are being lied to about the Reich; they simply do not have the knowledge to articulate their skepticism. I imagine it was the same in Bolshevik Occupied Russia. On the surface folk were supportive, but behind closed doors critical.

People are herd-like and radiate conventional thinking. But, caught off guard most concede, ‘Hitler was right; it is just a pity he killed all those people’, or, ‘it was foolish of him to attack Russia.’ Such contentions are myths but the point is that people are not anti-Reich per se.

Recent studies reveal that people are now more influenced by internet gathered information than by mainstream media. This means debate on the Reich era has opened up and attitudes are rapidly changing.

One of Poet Laureate Rudyard Kipling’s popular poems is ‘Tommy’. It centres on the common British soldier being dismissed as lowlife. But, it’s ‘Saviour of his country when the guns begin to shoot / ‘Please to walk in front, sir, when there’s trouble in the wind.’

I have long held the view that the time will come when those who ostracise race conservationists will fall to their knees in gratitude to see a column of Stormtroopers approaching.

You get the drift? You now find that your Wikipedia record is no longer something you wish hidden. You will delight in those harsh words. To win public hearts and minds you may now offer your public affront as a recommendation of your good intent.

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